Beach Walk 613 – Edgy is the New Normal

My thoughts continued on from yesterday’s episode, thinking about how this plain vs pretty applies to business.

I find it curious that companies want to advertise on those mainstream TV reality shows but are reluctant to sponsor the admittedly slightly edgy yet creative and community-building independently-produced internet TV shows.

Thanks to Keith Wolzinger, a pilot who also does the Klezmer Podcast for telling me about the airplane video. You can watch the American Airlines Boston to Paris video here.
You can read How to Kill a Concept here.
You can read about the Walmart Fake Blog here.
Learn more about the Word of Mouth Marketing Association here.

Hawaiian word:
ʻAno hou: new-fashioned

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  1. so the question is how do you sell the value and lure of Podcasts to corporate?…I agree totally that over the past few years with the popularity of free links and podcasts and YouTube there has been a huge shift communicating to the masses…somehow the sponsors need to be made aware and realize the value of this medium…on a another note I can’t help but notice the erosion taking phase on your beach…is that normal?

  2. Hi Rox,
    Thanks for the mention. Keep up the grat work!


  3. @bob from canada – well I will be speaking at ad:tech in san francisco in less than 2 weeks – I’ll be curious to hear from people there. Part of the problem is that ad agencies are getting sidelined somewhat, as media makers and marketers can now have direct conversations with each other, the expertise is not hidden but is on display – these are all good things IMO.

    @keith – you are welcome! I love that video you told me about – and from yesterday’s show, meeting people like you who are multi-talented and multi-dimensional and willing to share that with the rest of us.

  4. Oops. About the erosion. Yes. That part of the beach has lost about 8-10 feet of frontage this winter alone. I read a local report that the average rate around the island of Oahu is about .5 to 1 foot a year. Yes, it is exacerbated by walls and engineering. I’ve been talking to a geologist/sand engineer and hope to get him on the show later this spring – he is awaiting results of a research project.

  5. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    (WELCOME BACK YOU TWO)…FYI–What Rox was referring to:

    ‘100 Ways to Kill a Concept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down’ (written by Michael Iva, world renown new product launch specialist), is an uniquely insightful manifesto full of idea solicitation principles that help you understand ‘why’ things are the way they are, so you can learn HOW TO SELL YOUR CONCEPTS EASIER. Once you understand that, you can increase your odds for success and allow more of your concepts to survive and prosper. Remember this, you have to sell a concept before it can happen.

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  6. that seems like an alarming rate…I mean I recall some trees and bushes have been swallowed up and it is infringing on those multi-million dollar homes…maybe those home owners can pool their recourses and come up with a plan like, heaven forbid diking the beach…visualize losing 15-20 feet over the next 20 years….that would be in most peoples back yards…I look forward to hearing from that geologist

  7. Aloha Rox,
    Thanks for sharing a direct link to Beach Walk 613 with your comment on my interview with Rohit Bhargava on his new book, Personality Not Included.
    I enjoyed your beach walk and very relevant examples about authenticity here and in beach walk 612 as well. I’m a no make-up most of the time girl myself.

  8. @Buddy ‘Friendly’ Wachenheimer – thanks again for pointing me to Michael Iva’s concept PDF; it is coming in very handy. I linked to it in the show notes, but sometimes people miss over those, so thanks x2 for adding another link in your comment, along with the testimonial!

    @Bob from Canada – well there is debate over whether most beach front property owners (residential and commercial) are part of the problem or part of the solution. Here is a summary of events in the current century.

    @Linda Sherman – Thank you also for stopping by and adding your comment. I think one of the best things about island living (as you pointed out indirectly) is the beauty people express and feel without make-up. So it surprises me when I see Hawaii all dressed up (e.g. hula dancers with excessive makeup) used in tourism sales materials. The natural state of the people and the places are so much more appealing to many of us.

  9. Thanks for sharing