Beach Walk 608 OTR – Pups of Palm Beach

My visit with my parents in Florida has had its share of stress; my main tonic has been walking to Starbucks many mornings with friends and enjoying all of the dogs.

On Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market, and even more dogs! Mahalo to Bob and Anna, David, Sam, Amber, and Barbara for their dog stories. And big wet kisses to all the dogs who give us so much love and joy: Teddy, Winston, Savannah, Bowser, Rica, Molly, Harry and all of you wonders whose names I don’t know!

Mahalo also to Glenn Jones for his perfect song, “Little Dog’s Day.”
Against Which The Sea Continually BeatsGlenn Jones
“Little Dog’s Day” (mp3)
from “Against Which The Sea Continually Beats”
(Strange Attractors Audio House)

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Pups and Peeps of Palm Beach

Hawaiian word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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  1. Great Beach Walks episode!! Probably my favorite – no surprise.

    Love the opening photo – up close with the Chihuahua.


  2. what a cute episode! great concept.
    I like that little dashhound who perked up when you called to it. Glad you included the one cat story. whole episode made me smile

  3. Christina says

    I positively loved that episode! I actually am a huge dog fan just like Aunt Nancy! my fav. was the beagle standing on his feet! i thought it was so funny!

    Hope for more doggie stories!!!!
    ~Christina~ 🙂

  4. Amber and David says

    Obviously, this is our favorite episode! It’s been very lonely on our walks – we miss you and the whole group. Looking forward to your next Beach Walk. 🙂

  5. Brian James says

    emotional thats how it effected me

  6. Dear Miss Roxanne ,

    I really like the Doggy show you sent us.


    think all the dogs were cute especially the

    chewwawa.We really miss you guy’s.


  7. Yes, I like the pet video too. Another cool pet event happening in Florida this weekend is the Greyhound Pets of America / Emerald Coast’s Howliday, where a couple hundred retired racing greyhounds come back to the track with their groupie owners, for a day of fun. Here is a link to a video I did a couple years ago.

  8. This is great! I love the story about the dog that remembered his trainer after 7 years. Love the music too.

    How’s Lexie?

  9. I am so happy you all liked this one. Lexi was a little jealous – I sure wish she could be a laptop for a day so I could take her with me!

  10. Loved this dog show! especially the “dog hug story”! You can see my dog “Zack or Zacky as we call him” on my blog from time to time.

  11. Love all the smiling faces!