Beach Walk 607 OTR – Lawyers Without Borders

I am still in Florida within my parents, and took an early morning walk to the beach for a sunrise.

There has been a lot going on, not all of it happy stuff, and I really wasn’t in the mood for much of anything. But these two people walked up and saw me fiddling with my camera, then asked if they could take a picture for me. Turns out they are the founders of Lawyers Without Borders, Christina Storm and James Byrne. They were here for a little re-charge, which as we know on Beach Walks, is a variation of that good airline advice, “Put on your oxygen mask first.”

Their positive energy and generosity really turned around my day, which was having a little trouble getting off the ground. Filmed with my pocket camera, the Sanyo Xacti – I think it did pretty well considering the salt spray on the lens and the considerable wind that morning!

Hawaiian word:
Loio: lawyer

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    One never knows what a day brings, even surprising moments of kindness. In this case, the kindness found you! Thank you Christina and James, for sharing about the wonderful work you are doing on today’s episode.

  2. …it’s interesting that this organization was formed because one like it did not exist. It’s so easy to stop when there isn’t a pre-defined path; talk about fresh thinking and my personal challenge, turning thought into action!

    I’m sorry for the less-than-happy stuff going on in Florida. It’s jarring to think our parents are anything less than indestructible. Thank goodness there’s a beach and an ocean to help you get some balance – even now, your closeness with water is there for you (very cool). And I’m sending you some positive energy too! 🙂

  3. I shouldn’t be surprised that the Universe continues to provide stories and inspiration after these many shows.

    Actually, what I think it is as much as anything, is your openness to whatever may be placed in front of you, Rox.

    Lexi and I are so looking forward to you coming home tomorrow!

  4. Richard Zake says

    Wow, just shows you how messed up the USA is when you couldn’t find organizations that did pro-bono legal work. Christina Storm, what pro bono legal services do they have for the homeless getting shelter in Chicago? Not that you haven’t made a wonderful choice, this may be my situation in 8 years or less when I am 65 years old with little Social Security coming in. Do you know any pro-bono lawyers in Chicago who take on the SS administration to get people SSI or disability. I have Hep C and soft depression or bi polar II.
    And Keep up the good work!

  5. You don’t pay anything to them while they develop and work the case- you only pay them if you win- and they take the amount that the Social Security system sets. It’s 6% of your backpay.