Beach Walk 606 – Bill Explains How to Be Bionic

I went to the beach today for a swim here in Florida, where I am assisting my parents – my Dad had another cancer surgery earlier this week. (His medical history reads like a text book – he’s had it all.)

But no swimmers were allowed, due to several shark sightings. So I enlisted my dad Bill to share his secrets for living with cancer, and many more physical challenges, over the past 15 years. At 84, he has a very relevant message I think. I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Hawaiian word:
Makua kāne: father

UPDATE: My father died on February 19, 2009. Two weeks beforehand, he wanted to have a party and invite all his friends. We held a very informal gathering, and showing this episode on “the big screen” on his living room wall – so all his friends could see it. It was one of the crowning achievements of this web series, IMO.

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  1. as I was listening to your Dad one thought came to mind …that was inspiration…what a refreshing positive attitude he has…not dwelling on the past but remaining positive and not letting anything interfere with what lays ahead in the future…and he looks great…kudos dad

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Wow Rox – your Dad Bill has a wonderfully solid attitude that is SO inspiring and full of wisdom. Please let him know that his sharing feels like a loving father offering solid advice and he conveys that with a glow! With the path he has taken in his 84 years, all remains well, despite what blows have come along the way.
    This Beachwalks viewer would love to hear more i.e., his willingness to venture into unchartered waters/unknown frontiers in his career, his faith and/or life experiences, about his WWII experience and what he learned from it, living in a household of all females :)
    …have they had pets themselves? — and if so, what difference has that nurturing brought? What, to him, is a ‘perfect day’? Maybe in the process, you might even be surprised at some of his answers! Everyday is a good day; we need to get up and keep going forward — your Dad is so right!! Many thanks for this remarkable episode.

  3. Your Pop is thriving, and that’s a huge lesson all by itself (for anyone of any age)…

    What a wonderful show – Mahalo!

  4. Yes, good relationships are def the most important things to have in this world. What good is it to be rich/powerful and lonely? Of all the things in the world the greatest thing is love.

    Its great to see your dad making the best of his circumstances. I which him and the whole family all the best.

    One thing I’ve stumbled on lately I feel compelled to share with you or I’d feel guilty of almost of a crime, is the following links to information about … well, I’d kinda like you to go to the first link here, watch the online video from start to end, and see what you think. I really think this information is very important.

  5. Isn’t it funny when I turn on your show and hear exactly what I need to hear at that precise moment in time!

    I definitely needed to hear this today because of things that are going on in my life right now. Your Father’s words are so full of wisdom.

    Much mahalo to you and your father! Thank you so much for a new perspective.

  6. Amber and David Flint says

    Your dad is a very inspiring person and what he said about life is very true. We would all be better off if more people had his positive outlook.

  7. I think and hope that this Beach Walks video will stick with me for many years. Mahalo, Rox, and to Mr. Bill for sharing how to live a bionic life.

  8. Most excellent inspiration … will they adopt? I’d like to be around Bill a lot … (grin)

    I also encourage everyone to go view the video at the link provided by Orville … most most excellent!

    might make it a little easier for some …

    Until that time. . . Earl J.

  9. @Kekoa,
    it’s the kahuna of old bringing you to the exact spot you need to be at exactly the right time to hear exactly what needs to be said …

    amazing, isn’t it … ?

    Until that time… Earl J.

  10. Dear Rox …listening to your Dad is really a inspiration. I wish sometimes I could remind me to keep a positive attitude day by day…. it´s hard ….but watching your dad and all he has been through it seems possible. I wish you all the best. greets Loop

  11. I`think its a blessing to have a father like your
    with such positive aptitude

  12. Boy – is your dad ever right!! No matter what else you have in life, nothing is more precious than loyal friends. You really can have all those other things, money, power, etc, but even those things leave a hole in your life that only true friends can fill. Kudos to your dad for sharing his wonderful words!

  13. Rox…..your Dad knocked it out of the park….wow, you are blessed with great genes!

    Bill…you are is right no amount of money can buy the LOVE of a true friend and wonderful family. My best friend and I have known each other 38 years.

    Thanks Bill, for reminding us!

  14. Dad,

    Once again you have shown me the way to lasting happiness with your positive attitude and knowledge of the “real” and important things in life, family and friends.

    I love you,


  15. Wow these comments have really made my Dad’s day. You are all so wonderful and generous to take the time to share your observations and inspirations. He loves hearing them!

  16. I am high as a kite. I haven’t been this high on life in a while, and your father provided the beautiful inspiration to get there. Thank you, sir. I have heard many motivational speakers, who by the way get paid tens of thousands for one hour. They could all take a lesson from this beautiful man. Most of their words come from books, other mentors and the such. These words came straight from the soul and that’s what made all the difference in the world. I could have listened for hours. And skin to die for. He will never know what a difference he made for us all. So please give him a big hug and kiss on the cheek for me and Mahalo and Aloha. Maybe you could squeeze a few words out of Mom. Thanks again to you for loving us enough to share.

  17. I had a really bad dream last night and when I work up from the disturbing dream, the first thing I thought about was use what I’d learned from this video. It really helped me to shake off those bad dream vibes. I said something similar to what Mr. Bill said in the video….that I feel great and I’m going to have a great day. I know that this video will stick with me for years to come. I’m so grateful for the insight and inspiration. Mahalo nui loa!

  18. Yo go, Bill! Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Wow. That was hugely inspiring. Thank you.

  20. Larry Conley says

    To the Bionic Man … great job … you walk the talk and that is high praise. See you in a few weeks.

    Carole and Larry

    Rox, nice work.

  21. Well Bill – another home run on sharing yourself and your wisdom of living life. I love when you look in the camera and open your mouth and just let the gems spill out!

    Thanks for living life so full of passion and desire. It’s clear that you have had big dreams since you were a very young man. Wow – how you have gone for it too!

    Thanks for continuing to make a difference in the world by sharing your life.

    I love you to pieces. Your favorite first-born! Barbara

  22. Gene Nelson says

    It is great to see Bill doing so well. His coments are inspiring. When he is in Birmingham with us at our Einstine Coffee gathering, he always has the same positive view of life. Wish my best to Bill and we look forward to his return to Michigan.

    I do try to catch your Beach Walk whenever I can. You are doing a great job. I Hope you can also find some time to visit Michigan and join us for coffee. We are still solving world problems – even if we can’t really do much about them. I will check with other members of our group to make sure they get to see this Beach Walk session.

    Gene Nelson
    Einstine Coffee Group

  23. Most honorable “Mr. Bill”,

    Your profound knowledge and understanding of life, combined with Roxanne’s good judgment in sharing you with us, are ncredible gifts.

    You have both left your footprints on my heart in more ways than you can imagine.

    Sending loving thoughts and healing energy to you all!

  24. Thanks Bill, for reminding me what is important in life. I have been bogged down with little stressors recently, and your video gave me some motivation today.

  25. Hi Bill
    Thanks for your words of Wisdom!
    It is good to be reminded of what is really important.
    Keep sharing yourself. You make a difference.

  26. Thanks for all the hope and bright expectations. As Rox can tell you I’m going through a big challenge right now myself. Your words are an inspiration. No need to give you any advice. God bless you and your wife. Happy Easter.

    Rox…Aloha, still walking, 8 miles now. I’m not stopping till I get there.

  27. Lee Miskowski says

    Rox: Great work. Your Dad reminds me of how John Wayne defined “courage.” He said, “You’re scared as hell, but you saddle-up anyway!”
    Lee M.

  28. Bill,

    Great words of wisdom. Living in the now and enjoying life are the best things we can do. Sometimes we forget about this in our busy daily lives and it takes someone who’s lived a full and complete life without regret to inspire us.

    Thank you!


  29. For as wonderful and inspiring as Mr. B. is in this short video, I can say from close personal experience that it doesn’t come close to showing the depth of his wisdom, kindness, generosity, and absolute love of life.

    I’ve been inspired by him from the first moment I met him several years ago and continue to look forward to our shared happy hour discussions.

    Once you’ve met Bill, it’s easy to see where Roxy’s brilliance and zest for life comes from.

    I’m thrilled to know you, Bill, and very much appreciate how you have so graciously welcomed me into your family.

    Aloha Nui Loa (Aloha with Deep Love)


  30. Debra Tomarin says

    Dear Bill, I had the pleasure of meeting your lovely daughter today in West Palm Beach at Starbucks. She gave me a postcard and I went home and watched the various videos on the site. Your interview made me cry and I only wish that more people would take your words of wisdom and live by it! “Friends” In health and love, from Debra Tomarin and Molly Blue too! xoxxo

  31. YES!

  32. Anna Maria and Bob Brown says

    Dear Roxie: Bob and I had the pleasure of meeting your parents this past November. We were immediately captivated by this kind and beautiful couple, so full of life. Since then we have shared a few dinners together, and met ALL the daughters, and three of the grandchildren. It is obvious that Bill and Blanche Benton are great role models and that their remarkable traits “continue” into the next generation(s)!
    Anna and Bob Brown

  33. Thanks, Rox and Bill, for sharing this video. It reminds me that life is so precious, and there is so much to be grateful for. Bill – you are such an inspiration! You are a blessing to everyone who knows you. I wish you both good health!

  34. Chris Nichols says

    Really enjoyed the show today. Thank you Bill.

  35. I loved hearing your Dad’s words. He seems like a really cool person that I would love to hang out with.

    My husband’s career is moving us to Oahu! We currently live in Atlanta. I’m excited (and overwhelmed!) with our change. I’m enjoying your beachwalks. They are making me feel like I already ‘know’ some nice people in HI already. Keep up the great work.

    Laura Shaw
    Age 47
    Canton, GA
    Health food store manager, Artist

  36. Rox, I just loved listening to your Dad! I wish he were closer to I could meet him. His outlook on life is what I wish to do. My thought is “smile, pass it on, it can make someone’s day”! WE have a choice as he said, when we wake up. WE make our day. It is how we react to things that change things. Be positive! I know, sounds so easy but really, it can be. Life is a Wonderful thing and as he said if we have our family and good friends we are the richest of all!!

  37. thanks for the news

  38. greg Louderman says

    I remember this episode from last year. I was impressed and uplifted then and I still am today. I only hope that I can keep his attitude throughout the rest of my life. May he rest in peace.

  39. roxy, as the “lawyer guy” (your dad’s words) from the coffee group, he was a wonderful guy, a pleasure to work with and one of the smartest people I have ever met. I am so sorry he is gone, but what a great life.All the best.

  40. May the warm wind carry him to where the Sun walks and the Moon dances. Peace.

  41. sue b.onFebruary 22nd, 2009 8:10 pm says

    I’m so glad to have known Mr. and Mrs Benton as well as Barbara back when they lived in N.Palm Bch. Fl. I feel quite privelidged to have known you’r dad. I admire his attitude on life. It just makes sence. He was a dear man and will certainly be missed by many. God bless you all.

  42. What a great man!
    Sincere condolences to you and your family, Rox.
    What a life lived!
    May he Rest In Peace.

  43. Dear Roxanne, family & friends,

    I am very sorry for this loss and cry for William Benton, my throat is stuck.

    I remember this episode, it touched me.

    May William rest in peace with all our beloved in heaven. God bless him and all of us.

    My feelings are with you Roxy.


  44. Wise words from someone who has seen a lot of the world and it’s best (and worst) conditions. I appreciate being able to see your dad’s message and some of his interaction with his old buddies (in the morning coffee episode). Peace be unto your family, Rox.

  45. udo and marion kruse says

    Dear Roxane, family and friends… what a pleasure to listening to the wise words of Bill.. and our sincerest condolences to all of you. We had the pleasure of working with Bill during many years at Ford in Europe and the US.. in addition to working with him in the international Federation of MS societies. His leadership qualities, positive and dynamic attitude and spirit has always been remembered by us as a positive example of a great human being.. he, surely will be missed by all of you.. may he rest in Piece!
    A big hug to all of you from Portugal..
    udo and marion kruse, casa tana, malveira da serra, portugal.

  46. Mark Kelley says

    Roxanne and family–Bill was kind friend to me and to many other doctors at Henry Ford Medical Group in Detroit. He was among our most enthusiastic cheerleaders, and as “the bionic man”, his courage and optimism inspired all of us. I shared the “Beachwalk” video with our senior leadership. It will be shared with many others. Bill’s advice is timeless….never more so than now.

  47. Dear Rox, We would like to honor your father in our own small way as an enthusiast club for one of the Ford cars he managed while GM at L-M Division. I was researching your father’s life, and then came upon this wonderful video. May we have permission to show it at our annual banquet this Labor Day? What a great guy, so wonderful you did the video for “us” to benefit from! Norm

  48. Dear Norm – Yes! Of course! He will be thrilled to see it being shared – I am certain he is still here with us in some fashion. I suggest you download the iPod version – and if you have any issues at all please let me know and I will send you a high quality version directly. (Keeping in mind I filmed this with a little handheld camera, and not our usual “rig.”


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