Beach Walk 603 OTR – Austin River Walk with Susan

I am in Austin for the SXSW Interactive conference, and one of the first highlights was the chance to meet Susan, who goes by the online handle of “Susan and my dog Lexie.”

I think of her as the guardian angel of The Reef, our Beach Walks online community. She is there to greet new members, with her lovely, positive and open-hearted energy wafting throughout. She manages the computer network for the art and design department at Texas State University, so she shares some of her insights into building a community with us.

Hawaiian word:
Wahi noho like o ka poʻe.: community

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  1. its always fun and interesting to listen to Susan’s comments and a real pleasure to finally meet you

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    @Bob – Thank you for your kind comment 🙂 I wish I had your ease in front of the camera, but R&S made it a pleasure.
    @Rox & Shane – Mahalo for a great experience!

    …and just to let everyone else know, they’re even better off camera, if that’s possible!

  3. Hey Susan – what a beautiful day! You are fabulous and I’m glad to see you on a Beachwalks episode! It’s amazing how the Reef has touched so many people, me included. Rox – I share your competitive bone, and I do think that we have the best network out there…I think it’s mostly because of the people there, like Susan, who make the difference.

    Safe travels for you and Shane!!

  4. How fun that you met up with Rox and Shane and were a guest on BW!
    Nice meeting you virtually.
    I went to Korean Temple here in Honolulu last week where they have a whole rooftop full of Kimchee pots – where they ferment their own batches. I’ll have to post that photo.

  5. Most excellent episode … we are blessed with the company of others here on The Reef … and, of course, with the angels, like Susan, who frequent here and provide such a positive influence to the ambience …

    Until that time … safe travels … Earl J.

  6. Yes it was wonderful to meet Susan in person! She makes an awesome trail mix too by the way…and was as generous and beautiful in person as in all her writings on the reef. Did I tell you she had flowers for us waiting in the hotel room??? Shane posted picture on the reef. 🙂

    Traveling again today; see you tomorrow!

  7. Woo hoo! Susan and Austin look fabulous! Not too sure about the 35 degree temps however! 😉

    What a fun episode too – still not sure what the SXSW is all about; I saw on the website there are categories of Interactive, Film and Music. Guess it’s a trade type show.

    Mahalo Rox and Susan!

  8. Hurray!

  9. Brian James says

    Susan on the road with Rox & Shane. Its nice to see realtime people doing realtime things. What an even further inspiration for fellow reefers to get to know more of their community. Alaha okbah.

  10. ok Susan…the recipe for the trail mix please

  11. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    You got it, Bob — I’ll add it to the Reefer Recipes section on the Reef!

  12. Wow. Nice to see you in the Beach Walk. I was late not to see your message on March 10. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.