Beach Walk 600R – Ignoring Muscle

One of my favorite workouts: building the ignoring muscle.

That’s when I tell my brain (and my #2 – see Show #102 for more info) that all is well and they can ignore whatever irritant may be in front of me. Noisy neighbors, office gossip, tics and quirks of friends and family. You get my drift.

How do you workout your ignoring muscle? I do a combination of talking to myself and deliberately moving my attention onto something else.

P.S. Shane and Rox are traveling this week so please enjoy some of our Beach Walks Classic Episodes!

Hawaiian word:
Nānā ʻole: ignore
ʻIʻo: muscle

Be in Touch!


  1. Ah, I never saw this one before, so it’s new to me.

    Thought I might tell a little story about seeing this video on my iPod today. Someone had asked me what kind of iPod I had, and I replied “An iPod Touch.” “Oh really?” Apparently she’d never had the chance to one before. It’s always fun watching people scroll with the touchscreen for the first time. It’s a revelatory moment.

    I began showing her some of the features of the iPod, including videos. I hit my video button and scrolled around. There were dozens on there that I could choose, but I chose the first one in the list: Beachwalks. At first, she didn’t understand about this “muscle” thing, but I think she learned something. Enlightening as always.

    So today I introduced someone to video podcasts thru Beachwalks. Everyone can relate to a daily spoonful of Ahola. 🙂


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