Beach Walk 595 – Cranky Geek

One of the online videos we watch on our Apple TV at home is Cranky Geeks. They cover tech topics, but one of my favorite aspects of the show is the name.

I just love how people are more and more choosing to be who they are. It was similar to what struck me in the Iconoclast episode with Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder I talked about in Beach Walk 573. But I am often slow to allow that same awareness into my personal relationships, especially with Shane aka Secret Cameraman aka my own Cranky Geek. Being true to who you are is not just for celebrities any more!

Mahalo to Dave for providing today’s intro – what a great voice!

P.S. – Dave is my new friend, and is not (so far as I know) a “cranky geek.” Watch the episode to find out who is. 🙂

Hawaiian Word:
Maʻalahi: simple

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  1. ALOHA,
    This reminds me of myself with my children, especially. I have always gone to the extreme of trying to fix everything for them so they are happy and never ever hurt or sad. Which is, of course, unrealistic. One of my brilliant daughters brought that to my attention once and I have never forgotten it. She was very upset about something and I was finding everything I could in my arsenal of words and experience to fix it. She looked at me through her tears and said “Mom, it’s ok to be sad and to cry. That’s why we have these emotions and the tears. If I don’t feel these things I can’t get over them and I wouldn’t know when I was happy. So stop trying to fix something that is supposed to be. It’s ok!” From that moment on I have tried to let people be what they need to be and know it is what it is and not something I need to fix. It has been a difficult habit to change, however, also been quite freeing to be who I am.

  2. Cranky Geeks is one of my favorite podcasts. I really like Dvorak.

    Then again, I think his profession, his type of work, allows him to be closer to the real person he is.

    In my work world, it’s all about being politically, socially and spiritually correct (based on the norms du jour) – and I’m the odd man out (by nature and by choice). So wearing a Hawaiian shirt instead of an oxford button down shirt is my way of being me. 🙂