Beach Walk 594 – Seeking the Simple

I was reading about the French trader who committed over $7 billion in fraud. People have discussed how to prevent this in the future.

Naturally many minds head towards complicated procedures, custom programming and tracking software and so forth, when actually, something as simple as a mandatory vacation away from the office can be a powerful intervention tool. I love it when very simple and human remedies can be found. I am going to give extra attention this week to seeking simple solutions.

Hawaiian Word:
Maʻalahi: simple

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  1. …it’s interesting to watch complexity in the work place. Some make processes painfully long and exotic to the point where only a very few can or will follow. I really think smart is simple (and elegant)…

  2. Amen to simple! It’s so true. Life can be so much easier when we simplify. In fact, looking back over this year, I’ll probably mark that down as one of my lessons from 2008: Less is More. Last month, “less is more” resonated with me so much that I wrote it on my wall… I’m not much for graffiti, but it seemed right.

    I like your idea about mandatory restriction to their office. Though for the more clever ones, it might not matter. They may be able to completely “mobilize” their agenda, but probably not.

    The simplicity philosophy can be applied to every area life, I’ve found. Even computing. Just today I (finally) installed OS X Leopard on my Powerbook, and I realized this is a great opportunity to requalify everything I decide to put on my hard disc. Of course, I backed up everything and erased my hard disc so I could start from a clean slate. Working from this clean slate, I’m going to be very careful to keep things simple and clean. Not only does this improve system performance, but it improves my personal performance.

    And the extra available hard disc space is also very helpful. 🙂

  3. Aloha,Well this one is right of my alley. The last of 5 children just moved out on her own. After a week of portraying Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give” by drowning everything in sight with tears,I have come out the other side purged,cleansed and ready for the next chapter. I started this by realizing I wasn’t the mother of impressionable children anymore and could be me. That meant back to the gardening, raw food loving, earth loving hippie girl I have always been at heart. After so many years of responsibility galore, rushed schedules, massive amounts of stuff in every square inch, I have decided to go back to KISS(keep it simple sweetheart).I have always loved the Japanese way of doing this. If it is not useful then it just clutters and suffocates. So I am on a journey of simple and meaningful.That is how I look at Hawaii even. Not as a expensive, exotic , “I went to Hawaii on vacation” brag. It is in my heart the way I think the old Hawaiians and still some of the current ones feel,even some who weren’t born there. As spiritual and life sustaining. The simple gift of manna, that can end up being so profound and life changing. Whew, where did all that come from? Maybe I need to work on simplifying my writing.