Beach Walk 593 – Two Years of Love

We started Beach Walks exactly two years ago.

Amazingly, we went 402 days without missing a day! Now, we are enjoying our leisurely five days a week schedule. We barely made it today before sunset, but what a reward! It was a perfect day and we stayed for another hour to have pupus and a twilight swim.

Hawaiian Word:
Lua: two

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Two years along and you’ve become the one-take wonders! Much mahalo and congratulations on this milestone achievement. The gang’s all here!!! What a perfect segment alongside the now familiar beautiful shoreline of Kailua Beach. The dialogue is informative, smooth and easy. Well done!

  2. Hau’oli la hanau – Happy Birthday!

    You’re two! Does that mean you start learning to speak without slurring your words and walking backwards without falling down? Just teasing… it is quite a feat to accomplish, and I compliment you both for your vision, determination, talent, and superb spirit of aloha.

    Hawaii has inspired several other great talents – Mark Twain and James A. Michener included. In our lifetime, and the age of the Internet, we have our own Hawaii-inspired dynamic duo in the form of Rox and Shane, accompanied always by their loyal companion, Lexi,The Wonder Dog.

    Enjoy … until that time. . . Earl J.

  3. congratulations to all three of you…..lets go out and celebrate

  4. So no walking backwards for the SCM ! 😉 … what a nice change of pace and congrats on your 2 year run of this great show.

  5. Two years. Two years!

    Congratulations to you both. Thank you for spreading the spirit of aloha around the world! Much blessings for many walks for many years to come.

  6. Randy Church says

    Congratulations on two fabulous years! The viewers and of course the Reefers really enjoy what you do. Thank you for putting out such a high quality and inspiring show. You two are great (and Lexi too)

  7. What a great show to wake up to on Saturday morning. It’s snowing and cold here. Congratulations on two years of hard work, you both should be very pleased with what you have done. Miss you all very much. Brent really misses Lexi (he just ran to the door when we said her name).


  8. Lovely episode. Nice to hang out with you all 🙂
    Congratulations again! You know, thinking about 593 episodes and 2 years, one of the many amazing things about the show is that each episode is so fresh. It says it all that this thought has never occurred to me before. All the goodness of your content aside, the way you’ve cultivated the show and the community is totally inspiring. TV executives wondering what the hell to do with the internet could learn all they need to know right here.

  9. Congratulations SCM and Rox for 2 years of wonderful videos!

  10. Bravo !!! Time just flies. It doesn’t seem like two years does it. There you are keeping me motivated everyday, and here I am enjoying every minute of it. The flame is eternal and sometimes when I think its fading just ever so slightly… I know I can look for you and it will brighten up my day. Keep up all the wonderful memories. A Hui Hou. Aloha no.

  11. I just found your website in August, but in my spare time I sometimes take a look in the archives at topics that interest me. Plus the scenery & music & a happy dog are always fun to watch…. Please keep it going as long as you two are having fun with it!