Beach Walk 592 – Katherine, a bike and a camera

I recently met Katherine Finch while working on the Beach Access project.

Katherine and her husband Bob recently moved here from North Carolina, and have jumped into the local community with both feet — and a bike and a camera too! Join us on The Reef to learn more about Katherine and read her blog. Y’all are welcome!

Hawaiian Word:
Pahupaʻikiʻi: camera

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  1. It was nice to see and hear how a fellow North Carolinian adjusts to life in Hawaii. I’d be interested in finding her flickr account.

  2. @Sheila: Go to and use their search field – you can spend an hour just looking at gorgeous photos from tons of people.

    I found Katherine at:

    I like both her compositions and style. She has one called Sand and Waves that looks pushed (Photoshop) and the effect is great; I don’t normally think of sand as a reflective surface, however with a sheet of water on it, bingo!

  3. I linked to Katherine’s Flickr account on her name. 🙁 Looks like adding more text to explain that would be helpful. And I think I want to update our link style too!

  4. Mahalo for the flickr link to Katherine!

  5. Hey Katherine!
    How fun to find you on the beach! Looks like you are adjusting rather well to your new life. Quite a radical solution to the problem of “running out of photo ops” at home. You certainly have wonderful new possibilities, and it looks like you are taking full advantage of them. Super shots!


  6. Julia Hieronymus says

    What a great site! Thanks for asking my sister to join you on your beach walk. I enjoy listening to you and looking at the beautiful scenery of the beach. It was great seeing my sister in her new environment. I know she’s having a wonderful time. Thanks Rox, Secret Camera Man, and Twitter!


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