Beach Walk 591 – Aborigine Apology

OK, so the world still has a lot of messes, but there are increasing signs of massive change for the better.

Today, I want to mark a few of those, starting with the very profound and symbolic apology issued by the Australian government last week, as its first order of business for the new session. Imagine over 100,000 aborigine children taken from their homes under force, placed in abusive group and foster “homes” and stripped of their family connections, their language, their customs. I hope this will never happen again anywhere. Listen to the Happy Guru podcast from Australia to learn more about the Stolen Generation; Duncan has a very inspiring podcast and very extensive notes about this topic.

Though this may seem far away from you, you can still lend your support. Watch today’s episode for more in this.

On another note, I voted tonight in the Hawaii caucuses. There was unprecedented voter turnout – four to ten times the average amount in various locations. People are getting off of their couches and taking a role in determining their/our future. I just love that.

Hawaiian Word:
Mihi: apologize

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    At the very start, Lexi is absolutely glowing as she looks up at you, Rox. Talk about a happy pup that is totally into you! Sounds like quite the Hawaiian festive gathering waiting to vote. It is most encouraging seeing others in the country becoming involved in the process again.

  2. Richard Gillespie says

    Yes, life certainly seems certainly seems OK for you honey. I wonder how many people would agree with your seemingly naive, glib comments. I for one find them verging on being offensive.

  3. @Richard Gillespie: troll

  4. @Susan and my dog Lexie- as it turned out, there were over six times as many voters as usual in Hawaii, and standing in line for over 2.5 hours was plenty worth it!

    @Richard Gillespie – life does seem OK for me as I share a few minutes of my own daily stress relief from Hawaii. It does not convey the other 23 hours and 55 minutes. 🙂 I also understand that some people are offended by my perceived naiveté. I prefer to shed light on the good things happening in the world, in hopes more people will be encouraged to do the same.

    Here is the comment I left on Happy Guru’s blog:
    Thank you for the mention and spreading the word about Beach Walks Duncan. Really though, the Australian people deserve the credit for taking this very public action. It is so easy to say, “it wasn’t me who did that” but in the end, whether it is the guilt some feel or the “embedded” effect of those actions on the entire community (something in the energy that I believe in) this type of action is not easy. Nor is it the end either but I am one to celebrate steps in the direction of healing and forgiveness so each of us will get more and more accustomed to taking those steps with ease.

    @jonnie – thank you for sticking up for me. And, Beach Walks almost never has dissent so I don’t mind Richard’s comment one bit!

  5. Richard Gillespie says

    I apologise if my comment seemed too strong for some. I just could not help being wound up by an obviously very self motivated and free women walking along a beautiful beach telling me that everything was looking better in the world. To me it seemed very naive. I find it difficult to understand that this could be inspiration, especially for those who can not share the same. To me this could only appeal to an audience of the “haves” and not the “have nots”, to make “haves” feel a bit better. Its a shame that blogs do not carry audience demographics.

  6. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    @Richard – I view this world as ‘ours’…and why the need to shoot the messenger if she is willing to share a part of your world with you that is in a beautiful place? Actually, most of us can not share the same, so it is really cool to get a piece of it everyday and view the weather, etc. It is a way for us ‘have nots’ to enjoy a daily jaunt to the surf — and with Rox who is not about herself, but about sharing with others. So that’s my two cent’s worth, from a person who’s idea of splurging is picking up some milk to drink over the weekend vs. tap water.

  7. @richard “it’s a shame that blogs do not carry audience demographics”?? and you’re the one calling someone else naive and glib? as such a wise, socially-conscious man, try finding a more constructive outlet for your talent and time than getting “wound up” by a positive video blog post and leaving snide, patronising, envious comments on it. I’m not even going to bother going into the many *many* ways you’re misguided in attacking her right to her point of view and the way she expresses it, or this comment would go on for days.
    @rox glad you noted this event. got pitiful little press in the UK, despite the role we played in engineering this horror. the race problems in Australia are still shocking. this is a great symbolic step. good to note positive changes in world affairs amid all the negative news – and comments 🙂


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