Beach Walk 590 – Bob & Susan’s Hawaii Vacation

If you follow the comments on Beach Walks or have joined us over on The Reef (our social network) then you’ve no doubt come across “Bob from Canada.”

For the month of February, he is “Bob from Hawaii” and is joined by his charming wife Susan. We met for a sunset walk at Magic Island, followed by dinner and “dessert” at a live Mighty J concert. That fulfills my definition of “Life is Good!” We talk about Bob and Susan’s trip to the big waves on the north shore and when (and when not) to get a car in Waikiki.

Hawaiian Word:
Malihini: newcomer, tourist

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  1. I loved the question posed to Bob and Susan about taking surfing lessons, to which Bob replied “We’ve only been here 2 weeks…”. That is (to me) the perfect mindset.

    We talked to some Canadians in Chicago on vacation a couple of years ago. They seemed as nice Bob and Susan; very grounded, very non-invasive, just nice people. I want to visit East Canada, but not when it’s snowing. 😉

    Nice show – mahalo!

  2. All Smiles for you. Enjoy your time in Hawaii, you deserve it. You’ve left the Detroit weather for me to scorn.

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Aloha to Bob and Susan! What a wonderful way to start our day — seeing your bright faces along with Rox!! Glad you weren’t camera shy, and you did a nice job. I’ll bet Rox’s lei had an amazing fragrance, too. May you continue to hang loose, enjoy paradise a little extra for the rest of us, and take a surfing lesson…if you can find the time 🙂

  4. So my apology to Susan – I got too distracted talking about *surfing* to get around to any other topics. Yes, the ginger lei Shane got me for valentine’s day was scentilicious.

    Where’s Bob though? I mean, yes, he is on vacation, but hopefully he’ll chime in here soon. 🙂 I SO want a month long vacation!

  5. This was great! I am interested to know why you chose Hawaii for your vacation. Was it already decided, or did watching Beachwalks and being a member of the Reef family, sway your decision. At any rate I think this is a first for one of our Reef family to be a guest on Beachwalks and I loved it. you did great. You guys looked so relaxed and at home in front of the camera. Maybe we’ll start having the yearly Tiki Awards, for all Reef members who make it on Beachwalks. (Equivalent to the Oscars, but better)

  6. hi I’m here…….been so busy with autograph sessions and picture taking and appearances since doing this I finally have some time to comment…actually it has been an amazing experiance to meet Shane and Roxanne and to see how they go about the production of Beachwalks and the Reef..we are blessed to have the opportunity to hear Rox’s insite on issues that effect us all and have them bring this island paradise…..they have been very grasious…Glynda we had decided on Waikiki initially but I needed to do tons of investigation about it…so I G
    oogled Oahu and found Beachwalks…….I immediately called Sue to watch a number of episodes and we truly believe Beachwalks with Rox was instumental in finallizing our committment ………next year we will be back for two months…if anyone needs good tips and advise on costs and things please let me know………anyway thaks for all the nice comments and thanks so much to Shane and Rox


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