Beach Walk 589 – Changes Over Time

Buddy started a discussion over on The Reef about the difference between what we think we will become as children and what develops as we actually grow up.

Combined with how people seem stuck in. Lots of insights from Susan, Earl, and William, including a mention of Lou Holtz’s list of 100 things. He says people don’t realize they may not have as much time as they think. There’s plenty more on the reef; please join us over there.

Hawaiian Word:
Keiki: children

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  1. Aloha, stumbled onto your great site from Thank you for the calming words and great video. It’s been four years since we visited twice in 2004, and we are returning with our two year old next week to enjoy fourteen days of Aloha.
    Your videos have helped us show him what to expect while there. (Coming from Virginia) I can only hope to have the great looks and wisdom that you have acquired and now share.

    Although I left Hawaii, Hawaii has never left me.

    Mahalo again,
    Jenifer Wilkins
    Hampton, VA

  2. the walks maskes you look firm and solid dont give it up

  3. @Jenifer – have a wonderful trip; we have a mainland trip coming up so may just cross paths – in the air. Drop me an email (see the contact us page) if you are going to be on Oahu.