Beach Walk 588 – Aloha means I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful peeps!

Hawaiian Word:
Aloha: hello, goodbye, I love you

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    We love you too, Rox!!

  2. Sweet to see your inner mushball emerging…thanks for the love-ly show today…

    XX Shaina

  3. Aloha nui Roxanne, Shane & Lexi!

    My life has been blessed by your Aloha spirit as both a client and friend…and by the daily re-injection I get from Beach Walks.

    Today’s vlog reminded me of something I found fascinating when I first read Ruth Bebe Hill’s “Hanta Yo” about the Lakota Sioux. That is, not only the vocabulary we have, but concepts for which some cultures have no words to express. (More later when space/time permits.)

    Malama pono.

  4. “Inner mushball”??? I love that Shaina.

    Susan. You are a dear and wonderful one. Thank you.

    Luci – language, ahh, so much to talk about! I have found in my travels that there are definitely gaps in things from culture to culture, and the language is merely a reflection, right?


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