Beach Walk 587 – Plastic Bags All Pau

One of the things I have not liked about our daily habits is the use of plastic bags to clean up Lexi’s poo.

Recently I found about and ordered some corn-based bags that are fully biodegradable. The more I learn about plastic bags, the more I see them as a scourge on the planet (one million per minute!!), much like plastic water/juice/soda bottles. Get some facts here on the enormous use of plastic bags and their repercussions.

Hawaiian Word:
Ke ʻeke ʻea: plastic bag
Pau: finished, done

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  1. The LA Times did a 5 part series called Altered Oceans.

    Part 4 in the series talks about the plastic waste.

    They have a neat, free, multimedia page that lets you view all the content at:

    I ended up buying the disc just because I like the bigger screen size of the TV to view on.

    We’re still using plastic bags at the market, and our trash cans have plastic bags in them. It’s become such a way of life.

    One bright spot is most of the plastic items get into the recycle bin eventually.

    Mahalo Rox!

  2. Hi Rox! Great show enjoy every minute. Totally agree with your canvas bag concept. Hey, I want to know about the islands in the background of your daily beachwalk. Perhaps you and your Girlfriends can paddle over there to do a beach walk? Tell us about how tall they are and their history? Mahalo, TIM

  3. Darn, I forgot to ask you how tall the islands are from the ocean floor? I understand that the tallest mountain in the world are in Hawaii. Give me a couple of head pats for Lexi. TIM

  4. We have canvas grocery bags but I haven’t used them in years. I’m getting them out again! And thanks for the BioBags info – they’ll be good for kitty litter scooping :)

    I would also really like to know more about the islands in the background ;)

    Aloha kâua,

  5. A question on the plastic bag topic. We use very little plastic except I reuse the grocery store ones to line my kitchen garbage can & when full, knot and put them in the outside can. What can I use instead?

  6. For those intersted in the islands – they are the Mokuluas. Please watch Nani Sings to learn more about them. Nani is their caretaker. And also watch Wish We Were There to paddle out to the islands with us.

    Then check the Water Sports category at the bottom of the page for more paddling episodes! And I overdue for one of those, so it is on my list!

  7. @carolsmith – Garbage can pags is the next place I am replacing. They make those BioBags (corn-based, biodegradable) in all different sizes. Here is a link to some from Bare Feet Shop – a few pennies of your purchase go to supporting Beach Walks. It is simply an extension of Same low prices and your amazon account is used for checkout.

    Eldon left a really interesting comment about this (he’s from Iowa – the source of corn!) on The Reef. Please consider joining us over there for more in-depth discussion.

  8. San Francisco also has a plan in place. Please check out I is one of the most informative sites I have seen. When you see what is on the beach of the Big Island, it will shock most people who are not already aware of the the Pacific Pyre. Especially, the albatross videos, unbelieable. Wonder where all those lighters and McDonald Happy Meal toys go, they move to our beloved Hawaii. Thanks for doing this, Rox. And for people who are worried about what to put their trash in, when you really begin to reduce, reuse, reycle and compost you’ll be amazed at how little trash you have. When I buy veggies at the market I take the plastic off and give it back as a statement.

  9. Here is one more idea: I’ve started saving all the little plastic wraps on food boxes and other packaging. A few of our local grocery stores have a big bin for recycling the plastic bags and misc plastic. If we all did a little…imagine the impact it would make?

  10. I just got 4 reusable shopping bags at

    The site was suggested to me by a woman shopper at my local grocery store.

    They are durable, lightweight. Taking them shopping won’t be a hassle.