Beach Walk 585 – 5 Blessings with E.K.

Last week I went early to catch the sunrise – just me and Lexi.

The clouds were a curtain across the sun, yet it was a lovely and typical Hawaiian beach morning. It is easy to meet new people here, and start up an often inspiring conversation. Please meet my new friend, E.K., and hear about sand in the toes, green flash, the practice of five blessings, a 50-year West Point reunion, and not taking insults personally.

Hawaiian Word:
Manawa: chance, opportunity

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  1. I REALLY liked this one. It had a nice vibe. Lexy brightened my day in this one too!


  2. I agree. Just sitting on the beach enjoying the morning… and just chatting with the world.

  3. @Orville Chomer and @Tommy Sea – I am so glad to hear you liked this episode. It sorta falls into an avant garde category though is also an intimate glimpse into reality here in Hawaii.

    We have so many of these moments; I find each one precious. They cannot be staged, only received. And the mind set of the beach walkers is decidedly open-hearted and open-minded.

    I love being able to share these moments with you out in the rest of the world.

  4. Yes, I really enjoyed this episode as well. Kind of brought some of the reality of Hawaii home to me. I never knew the green flash was real. I only first heard about it rom the third Pirates movie. Hah. Good to know it’s real. I’ll have to see that someday…

    “These moments cannot be staged, only recieved.”
    So true!

  5. The five blessings EK talked of are called our gratitude journals at our home. Each Christmas, I give each one of my 5 kids a new journal. This has been going on for years. They have to write 5 things they are grateful for each evening. At first this is very easy. However, as the months go on it gets more difficult and you have to really examine you life to find 5 things. It really makes you think about things you take for granted. I have to give Oprah credit for this one, but it has really enriched us.

  6. This was just like sitting on the beach with you two. THANKS! And Lexi is an endless fount of entertainment and happiness.

  7. the green flash photos on Wikipedia look like UFOs: