Beach Walk 584 – The Science of Pressure

So I have been inwardly cranky about a lot of things the past few weeks – the winter weather, my cold, the fatigue…it just felt like a lot of things in life were not cooperating with me!

I finally realized this morning, that most of that pressure was originating with me. It is so easy to get on a track of thinking what should happen, what must happen! Beach Walks continues to be this great feedback mechanism about what matters, and what doesn’t. Watch this episode to learn about Rox the canary.

Hawaiian Word:
Akeakamai: science

Be in Touch!


  1. Mahalo for starting off my ALOHA FRIDAY in island style! 😉

  2. I’m totally the same way. I put pressure on myself in situations that my wife thinks are just pushing myself too far. That’s why it’s great to have that other person who will put your life in perspective.
    Thank Shane every now and again for bringing perspective to your life.

    Oh, and I’m sure you bring perspective to him too.

  3. Hi Rox!
    just wanted to offer a little feedback that may help. regarding the weather & thinking viewers may be disappointed if the sun isn’t always shining..I personally think the islands are MORE beautiful when a rain storm passes by. especially in shots where the mountains in the background are engulfed in clouds, it makes it look like a fairytale. living there, people may tend to get used to the beauty, but from us not yet in the islands, it is always extraordinary rain or shine! even the water is a much prettier shade of green when you are having ‘weather” please do not stress about that! it’s ALWAYS good…and don’t worry about missing a day here or there, we just enjoy it all the more when you return!..Take care

  4. Yes, rain is beautiful too. Here in Georgia, we have been under a severe drought with the real risk of running out of drinking water for Atlanta and the town where I live, Athens. A town in TN has totally run out of water and is having it trucked in. This past summer, the incessant sunshine here in Georgia, with no rain, scorched our yards and plantings. No doubt rain wouldn’t be good for your camera or you, but I wouldn’t mind some footage shot out of your window! Or Kaile playing in a puddle! 😎

  5. Aloha, Rox. I randomly stumbled across your site and this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. Interesting, since in recent weeks I’ve been telling everyone that I finally understand if something feels forced, then it’s probably not the best solution and to look for alternatives. Ultimately, I guess it really is no surprise that your video came my way.

    The real reason I’m posting is to ask if the fallen palm tree was a result of the storms. I live on the mainland now, but my mother still lives on Oahu and was telling me about it.

    I look forward to viewing more of your videos. Keep up the great work and mahalo nui loa for sharing.

    Lani (always a kama’aina at heart)

  6. @Jonnie – you are very welcome – thank you for taking the time to tell us!

    @Phillip – yes, and I was wondering if your powerful son might use the positive type of pressure – aka the toilet plunger! I thought about that after I posted this.

    @Cindy and @Celeste – too bad we can’t send virtual rain to water the gardens. There is a lot of drought going on right now – and even here too, we watch water consumption as it still is a precious resource. I finally ordered a rain catchment barrel on Friday.

    @Lani – E komo mai! – The fallen palm trees are due to erosion of the shoreline – which seems to me mostly independent of the storms. It has been somewhat dramatic in Lanikai this winter. There are two small trees at water’s edge that a number of us are trying to nurture along. I will send them your aloha.

  7. Such a beautiful message, and synchronistic too! Just yesterday I felt this exact pressure concerning making new content. I was thinking “oh I just got some new links in and I gotta finish that article, gotta keep it fresh”, but it’s so true.

    When you relax the pressure, things flow naturally.

    Oh, and I love the rain, too. Being trapped up in this cold north, I haven’t seen rain in a long time. Yet there is something so beautiful about rain…

  8. ohhh. I wondered about that tree too, as I’m such a tree lover. I’ll have to get down to that area and give your little ones a pat to help encourage them too.

  9. Rox-
    Hi, hopefully you read your comments. Anyways I’m a student at Kailua Inter. and me and a few of my friends are doing a project on erosion at the boat ramp. By anychance, one day could you possibly do a show on erosion at the boat ramp and send it to my email by March? Mahalo.
    -Tammi S.

  10. Hi Tammi – I would be very happy to help out. Best though, is you probably know more than I do about what is happening! I will email you and we will get together on this.


  11. Rox would love to see a piece on your rain catchment barrel. My husband and I have considered getting one too, back when our mountain house was still in a rainforest biome. Not much rain lately!