Beach Walk 582 – Making Mistakes

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal about certain personalities who always look to blame others, and cannot seemingly admit to making mistakes themselves.

Some of you probably have more experience with this than I do, though I myself used to be quick to blame others too. The article said these no-fault types would often surround themselves with perfectionists, who can apparently take blame more easily in the event that something does not turn out perfectly. As a recovering perfectionist though, I can say that trait made it hard for me to admit fault! After all, I was trying much harder than everyone else, attending to details no one else would see, etc.

Bottom line, though that is being able to admit fault when appropriate, keeping things moving quickly and definitely helps me enjoy more, whatever I am doing. I definitely find it gets easier with age; life has a way of being the ultimate finger pointer, and most often says, “Give it up – nobody’s perfect, admit your part and let’s move on.”

Hawaiian Word:
Hewa: mistake

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  1. It is liberating to admit mistakes! And to do it fast! It gets the air cleared and keeps bad things from building up. When I finally realized that and that it wasn’t the end of the world, it was liberating.

    Although unintended, I thought the rain drops on the lens looked really cool and artistic!

  2. I’ve found that admitting to mistakes many times takes you so much more forward than you’d ever imagine, as it can be viewed as a strength and then you can reap some benefits, depending on the situation.
    I loved the rain drops on the lens… and your ending with covering it up!

  3. Classic! Awesome episode. I think my perfectionism in the past was actually sending the message “I will take full responsibility and blame, you don’t need to own up to anything. I don’t trust that you can do a good job”. Interesting.


  4. @Orville and @Katherine – I so agree! It is truly liberating. And the rain effect was unexpected beauty.

    @Shawnotay – that is the type of perfectionist that these “blame experts” mentioned in the article seek out. I used to go there too, but find it not helpful to the long term relationship any more.

  5. You mean I’m not infallible? I’ve come to this conclusion too. Probably more recently than I’d like to admit to. I agree it definitely helps to keep the air clean.

    I also think it’s important to make it easy for other people to admit mistakes. IMHO, there is no need to sweat the small stuff. And, it’s almost all small stuff; see if you can learn anything from it and move on.

  6. I agree, it’s not accurate to be so binary about personality types. Life isn’t so black and white, there are degrees.

    Great episode! I second the motion that the rain drop part was cool. Made it feel more like I was actually there.