Beach Walk 579 – Diving Boobies

Heavy rains came in today so we are sharing some footage from this past Saturday.

Every winter the boobies come to town and take up fishing at the south end of Lanikai Beach. I can sit and watch them for long periods of time; birds seem to hold an aspect of freedom that I find so appealing. If we keep this up, we might have to join forces with The Animal Planet!

Hawaiian Word:
Manu: bird
ʻā: Booby

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    This is nature at its best – beautiful! Thank you for nurturing our souls in this way.

  2. Winds gusting to 40 mph. Snow with ground blizards, wind chill at a minus 15 in Nebraska. I bet you don’t miss this do you Shane?
    What a life you lead in paradise…. : )

  3. We had what I hope was our last gasp of winter overnight: about 1″ of snow on the ground this morning, but sun shining brightly in an incredibly deep blue sky.

    PS: I wondered what boobies looked lke…thanks for enlightenment!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you!!!

  5. Such a nice time of the day. Beautiful.

  6. As I said in a previous comment. Even when you can’t show up, you show up. Without even being there you still manage to make us open up and feel.
    Mahalo Nui Loa