Beach Walk 577 – A Special View

I had so much fun today speaking at the Hawaii Advertising Federation conference.

One of the key messages was about using web 2.0 technology to listen and talk to your “users” – your customers, your audience. One of the main reasons why is because their view of the situation is different from the one inside the company walls. By coincidence, we were on our way home and stopped to take in this beautiful just north of Makapuʻu Point.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻIkena: view

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Hello Rox, I was just thinking that your ‘off the cuff’ daily dialogues with Beachwalks is probably translating into a more refined, smooth delivery when giving these formal talks! If you’re more comfortable, then that makes the entire room more comfortable, too. Although it may feel more intimidating seeing your live audience, your beachwalks audience is even BIGGER, as in global!!

    Looks like the congestion/cold has dissipated rather than going full-blown – you seem to be feeling better – excellent!

  2. Very interesting… I’m sure you’re not aware of this, but I was in this exact same place, same time, calling you before I came over exactly one year ago today. After I took my pics, I left to call you from the pay phone at Sea Life Park, and then came over. Looks like its meant to be. Hah. Oh well, still no luck on the house. Just a very interesting video, from an interesting place, and some interesting people… its meant to be. Aloha Nui Loa.

  3. @Susan – I think you are right, and, it’s more complex than that. I have been speaking and training for 20 years, so I think the offline experience helped me get confy with the camera, fast-track style. If for nothing else, it helped me think on my feet!

    @TommySea – now that is a little freaky. I found the episode from that day, it’s Beach Walk #337

  4. It was refreshing to see a new perspective, from a new vantage point. What you said about teamwork reminded me about networking in general. It’s true, when we network we get more perspectives, and we can learn so much from that. 2008 seems to be a new perspective year for many people.

    Thanks for the special view!