Beach Walk 575 – Ducking the Drama

I have acquired a cold, and given that I am speaking at the Hawaii Advertising Federation in two days, my monkey mind and the full moon were really working me over in my sleep last night!

So I decided to practice some EFT (as mentioned in Beach Walk Episodes 389 and 390) to shed some of that “what if” drama. I do believe it is helping. Please wish me well by Thursday morning! I also have been using the Bach Flower Remedy, Elm, as my friend Jen of Ebb and Flow TV once recommended to me.

Hawaiian Word:
makaiʻi ʻoia: well

Be in Touch!


  1. good video

  2. Hey Rox, I’m sending some mana (chi) your way!

    Some say that physical illness is a result of conflicting beliefs (for me this is true).

    I came across a Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer by Morrnah N. Simeona (Google it).

    I relax my body, clear my thoughts and then say the prayer (to forgive myself and the illness)… I’m telling ya… it works!

    E ola!
    (Get well)

  3. @purva – glad you liked it. “-)

    @Shawn Young – I am on it! And mahalo for your mana.

    Here is a link to what I think you mentioned.