Beach Walk 574 – Claim It!

I noticed a couple things last night when I was editing the episode: I forgot the Hawaiian word (tho I added it to the post notes) and I used the word “you” a lot when I think I really meant “I” (as my friend Shaina recognized and commented on).

That’s one of my language pet peeves, so today is follow through on both of those.

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Hawaiian Word:
Like ʻole: different

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  1. I’m almost certain that I reference in the ‘you’ form in order to have ‘you’ agree with me or confirm that the mistake I made is not so out of the ordinary. When I say ‘you’, I’m pretty sure that what I’m really saying is “Please tell me that has happened to you too!” 🙂

  2. @Matt – yes that is a brilliant observation and I think the “reaching out” in the energy of that use of “you” is in part a type of connecting. Thanks!