Beach Walk 572 – Happy and Three

You’ve seen her on Beach Walks before – she is a real charmer.

My birthday gift was a trip to the beach, and the sun came out in Kaile’s honor, just like the song says. Eric the dad was in Iraq when she was born; lucky me I got to be his stand-in at the birth. He just came home late last year from his second tour, and Shane and Lexi and I are so happy for that and for being friends with the “Funhogs.”

Mahalo to The Innocence Mission for creating such a perfect song to go along with today’s episode. Buy at iTunes Music Store

Hawaiian Word:
Kolu: three

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  1. I so hope down the road of life, when this angel encounters her more difficult times, someone remembers to pull this few moments out the bag. She can see what kind of love she was raised and surrounded in, personal and universal. It could make a difference. This was the most precious gift you could give her.
    Not to mention the gift she is giving all of you (by the soul deep smiles on everyone’s face)
    Mahalo for sharing and Aloha for us all

  2. @Glynda – I so agree with you. It is hard for many of us to imagine growing up like this in Hawaii – it seems so perfect in this three minute clip! But then toss in Iraq, which is part of the story, and other things too. I remember we all have gifts and challenges, and the ability we have now to share those with each other and shine the light on the golden moments can be so powerful.

    As a side note, having the camera around and on somewhat ubiquitously these days (as is my mojo) has its downside too. But today’s episode, which Shane edited so beautifully, only supports my actions!

  3. Happy Birthday Kaile! Loved your PINK birthday cake. What a wonderful video of our Beach Walks Surfer Girl!

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Kaile, you are a big girl being THREE now. Happy Birthday!

    It was touching seeing how Lexi relates to Kaile on the beach. I detect a very special rapport there!

  5. Beautiful. I know she’ll never remember our brief moment of Aloha but she looks so big and Happy since a year ago. Hauoli La Hanau. Beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful video. I hope her parents received a dvd copy.

    And the cake! WOW.

    Looks like Lexi is good with kids.

  7. Lexi and Kaile have a special friendship indeed. Imagine starting your life at the beach like this? I am in awe. I am so grateful her parents share her with us!

  8. Everytime I hear this song, I fall in love with it more.

    How did you find out about this song?

    (oh and i really like the video, too!)

  9. @kekoa – I found the song searching for something like “birthday royalty-free”. IODA is a great source for podsafe music and of course, let’s all go buy a copy so the artist earns some income!


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