Beach Walk 571 – Live Now, Worry Later

An old friend of mine, Ni Orsi, is in town and he is my guru for the day.

He is one of those people who does not stop and see all the reasons why something can’t happen, but instead just makes things happen. He and his wife Krissy decided to retire early so they can live in Italy near their daughter and grandchildren. He fulfilled a lifelong dream this past year too, in buying a catamaran sail boat. Ni was a member of the 1964 US Olympic Ski Team and it is certainly possible that he was born with more drive and zeal than the rest of us on average. But I love seeing how he lives his life, how so many things are possible behind his eyes. And what an adorable family he has, as supporting evidence that something is working really well.

Hawaiian Word:
I kēia manawa: now

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  1. Simple, and so true. An inspiration.

  2. I agree with him, and at the same time he must be doing pretty well financially if he’s buying a catamaran, living in Corsica and vacationing in Hawaii.

    My father retired in his mid 50s and moved to Mexico on fairly modest monies. See the beautiful home he built there for only 65K, unbelievable. Very inexpensive to live in Mexico.

  3. This kid made a million before he turned 30, interesting story:

  4. @Tommysea – i hope to see you soon too!

    @Celeste – well there are a lot of ways to do this. We all had spaghetti dinner instead of going out and the family is not extravagant in other ways. Plus, Ni has a partner in the boat. Having that single-mindedness is what I find appealing.

    And from the other link you posted, “I’d find a way to control my outcome, even though I couldn’t control my income.” That is indeed inspiring!

    And I liked this one too: “It takes not really caring what other people say about you … and being OK with public humiliation,”