Beach Walk 567 – First Lumiere, for Rupert

I learned about lumiere style from my friend in London, Rupert Howe. (Though Andreas in Denmark probably gets credit for nudging our group of videobloggers in this direction.)

I’ve been wanting to make one, and then this week at the beach as it was nearing sunset, I just grabbed out little Sanyo Xacti waterproof movie camera, and grabbed a clip of Shane and Lexi. Amazing IMO. Unscripted, and unplanned, but notice how psychic and scene-stealing our little pup is! I am also submitting it to the Semanal group, folks who are making one video a week for 2008. You can still join us anytime!

UPDATE: I have been informed of a central site on the web that has over 500 Lumiere’s collected since 2007. It is a rich archive and if you like this art form, please go and explore. This has been organized and nurtured by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot who are pioneers in the videoblogging community. You can see Brittany on Beach Walks in Episode 185.

Hawaiian Word:
Hāmau: silent

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  1. Mahalo Rox!
    I miss the islands.
    I went to HPU from 92-96.
    There’s 6″ of snow on the ground here. It’s beautiful, but cold.
    Perhaps I’ll do a lumiere this morning for you.
    Although I used to laugh at video from the snow when I was living in


    Ron Watson

  2. WOW … excellent!
    aloha Friday everyone.

  3. Holy smoke, I’m so happy you dedicated this to me. Wish you could see me in my dark little study in London, grinning and flushed.

    Andreas really started something beautiful. Every time I do it, I am AMAZED by what happens within the frame when you compose a photograph and let serendipity, people, animals, machines, nature do their thing for just one minute. Lexi’s just THERE at the most perfect time. Shane comes out of the water in the most perfect place. Then they cross the frame, pass in and out… and it’s a little story. Without you doing ANYTHING except take a photograph that moves.

    A combination of your photographer’s eye, sensitivity to what’s around you and the universe giving you a treat.

    When we were in Canada, I stopped taking photos altogether – I just shot moving snapshot after moving snapshot!
    My favourites were: (backstage at a Spearhead concert)
    and (on the beach)

    Some of them are great without sound – letting us imagine it, as here – and some of them are great with sound. Removing the sound often does something magic. But if you look at Aaron Valdez’s Blandlands videos – it’s amazing to see how he uses still shots with wonderful serendipitous wildtrack sound.

    In other news of Universal Connections, Jay and Ryanne are here – staying for a couple of days in the room vacated two days ago by our Hawaiian friend and lodger. And I’ve just got back from my first couple of days teaching videoblogging to kids – I was telling them about Lumières yesterday. So many strands of connection – virtual, physical, emotional 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this – keep making them!

  4. interesting. Lexy rocks! But then I’m a dog lover. 🙂

  5. Im so glad to see you guys all hanging out. a little peace from Hawaii.

  6. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    …great effect!

  7. Ho !!!!
    I love it! Make more!

  8. Wonderful! I love the fact Lexi participated. 😉

  9. Lexie, participate? Lexie is the show. When I first started watching beachwalks, I constantly consentrated on the scenery. Always listening to the message. Then I found myself immediately looking for Lexie. I find myself riding the waves with her, not a care in the world, living in that one moment of pure happiness when that ball flies overhead into the sea. She is amazing and has made her way to where she should be and boy am I grateful for the moments of nirvana she affords me each day.
    Thanks Lex!

  10. Lovely and so playful w/Lexi bounding in and out of frame. Where did the term ‘lumiere’ first originate?

  11. Wow! I am so happy you all liked this. I told Shane to expect to be in front of the camera again, as he was so natural! he he And Lexi? Well, as Glynda pointed out, she just understands her role by now.

    Lumiere is from the Lumiere Brothers, who are credited with making some of the earliest moving pictures. The homage is to recreate much of the experience – no sound, no tricks, no editing.

  12. Thanks for that, Rox! Always love learning new/old ways of this artform.