Beach Walk 566 – 2008 Resolutions – Oops!

It would appear that all sorts of seemingly small yet irritating obstacles are being placed in my path as I try to redirect certain areas of my life, riding on the coattails of the new year energy.

Then it dawned on me, what if the so-called obstacles are actually there to help? That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. It reminds of one of a favorite quote told to me by my friend Shaina Noll – “We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” – Charles West

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Hawaiian Word:
ʻŌlelo hoʻoholo: resolution

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  1. Inspiration says

    Hi Rox

    Been loving your show. Great to view warm weather since we’re in the heart of winter here in the heartland. Your thought today of the universe placing obstacles in our path was terrific. I keyed right in on one thought when you phrased your thought, “the Universe is throwing up obstacles” When taken literally sometimes I think the Universe does actually “Throw up” obstacles to shake us up. Not to be to gross but when the body cannot take another moment of a virus it reacts by expelling it and getting it out of our system. I think the universe sees us on a path that can be completely not what we are intended to be on. Simply tossing in a road block or two doesn’t get us back lined up, sometimes it take a heckuva splattering of everything to make us realize what is important, what is priority, and how quickly things can change.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration. My life has changed completely from where I was 1 year ago. Mostly not by my choice but I’m starting to see what direction I’m being guided and while different doesn’t always mean better, I’m thinking there are wonderful opportunities that lie ahead simply because the universe had to “throw up” my previous life to get me to thinking of new possibilities!

    You Rock Rox!

  2. Hey Roxy;

    Glad to know the quote is serving today. FYI, your whole musing of the day is squarely in the territory of the Chariot archetype which is guiding you as of your birthday, and for the next 10 years as your new cycle.
    I like the reference of Aikido for these kinds of times, which has as its dynamic, as I learned it :

    1. Receiving whatever energy comes with an open heart and without resistance.
    2. Partnering with it.
    3. Redirecting or creating with it, with consciousness and focus.

    And there’s always the occasionally entertaining and orienting opportunity to respond to apparent interruptions with “Hey….Thank You! Please to illuminate the usefulness of this!” to the Universe :-)

    Love to you and Cameraman…and thanks for the taste of beautiful Hawaii today.

  3. My daughter and I had this same conversation in the past week. We really talked it up how positive we were going to be about this new year, how it is going to be our year. Then, it was not new, just same song, second verse. House heater not working, car breaking to the tune of $700 dollars, flu, for almost all of us, that just won’t completely go away. Children having made unwise decisions and having to move home. This is all in one week. Yes, it could be worse. However, that does not minimize the discouragement.
    Then one of the voices in my head says,”stop, take a few long, deep breaths and ask, what is this here to teach me? Then those milestones become lessons that surely make me stronger and wiser. Therefore, changing the odds toward my life getting better. Anyway, sounds good, which brings me to the idea that having a sense of humor about it all helps, too.

  4. I continue to be amazed by all of your comments here. I really think we are ripe for some sort of research study – I know of very few blogs that receive this level of thoughtfulness and awareness. Thank you deeply.

    What is really resonating for me is that when life is pushing me in a new direction, it means I can *stop worrying about* the other direction I was so determined to go in. The #2 fights me on that regularly but hey, that’s to be expected.

    @Inspiration – Yes I think there is “substance” (ha!) to the metaphors you pointed out. Thank you for commenting – I love it when people have been watching and then begin to add their voice to the conversation.

    @Shaina – that HELPS. I look forward to talking to you soon; will aim for this weekend!

    @Glynda – it’s a familiar feeling but I think the exercise for me is to frame the familiar feeling into a new “what does this mean” scenario. In other words, any obstacle and my little monkey mind thinks she knows what it is about. But really, it could be about all sorts of things, mostly unknown in the moment. Humor? Oh yeah! Shane is getting really get at helping me laugh through things and I just love that.

  5. Hey Rox,

    Changing: (putting away bad habits and taking on good habits) has been on my mind alot lately. Not that it hasn’t been something important to me for along time. Years at least. The difference is that I’m am actually seeing sustantive change in my life (for the better not the worse).

    Again, the change here I’m talking about is not external but internal. All my external problems and difficult circumstances have not all gone away, but, rather, my view of myself. That I am responsible for my life. That it is not unfair to be responsible for my life because I can CHOOSE. I can see it now more clear than before. I can do the right thing. I can do it now for the Right reason… not out of guilt, but for my own good and the good of those around me.

    I have old conditioning. Years of doing (and ultimately thinking) wrong behaviours. I know that you have an uncomfortable time with the idea of “shouldn’t” or “wrong.” But tho some things are debateable, I think it is safe to say that thinking, acting in ways that are self destructive or hurtful to others are not “perhaps” bad but are bad.

    Anyways, I’ve known certain things were bad in my life and had very little success in dealing with them. It seems I’d go two steps back for every step forward. But things are really changing and even picking up steam in my life in the last few months.

    Now I’m making the right choices for the right reasons. For years I tried making the right choices for the wrong reasons but I couldn’t see it… and so for the most part failed.

    So I can choose… main reason: for my own good… and no this is not selfish. It would take too long here to tell you my though process on this.

    Second, I choose NOW. There is no other time to choose. You can’t go into the past and re-choose something different. I can’t somehow jump to the future … when the future gets here it won’t be the future anymore! :)

    This video I found caused me to think alot:
    At first I thought what is she talking about! But after some thought I saw her point: If you have problems doing something on December 31st, you aren’t really going to be any different when January 1st rolls around!

    I think we look for something external that will “Make” or “Force” us to do the hard but important things we need to do. But in reality, January 1st will not “change” us. I can’t wait around for some tough drill sergeant type to force me to do something against my will. I’m the one who chooses. When is the only to choice leads to action? Now. You may plan to do something tomorrow. But I don’t actually make the choice of will until tomorrow comes around and is today.

    Mix the video in with a sermon our pastor preached on the “take no anxious thought for tomorrow” verse preached on helped put more and more of the pieces together.

    Worry about tomorrow disipates my energy for what I can do today. I have no real control over tomorrow only what is happening now… so why worry about tomorrow! :)

    And its obvious that the past is unchangable. I think a good dosage of forgiveness helps here: Getting God’s forgiveness and then forgiving oneself.

    I have not come to the end of this journey by any stretch of the imagination, I still have bad habits, I still worry on occation, I still LET the moods of other people steal my happiness, I still find myself thinking about things completely beyond my control. But the amount of this has dropped. Not a little mind you… but dramatically.

    And let me tell you I’ve had alot of personal baggage (enough to keep O’hare baggage handlers busy for years)! :) So I’m excited about what I’m learning. I thank God for it. Life is still hard… but I can choose. And the more I do it (just like any workout) the easier it gets.

    I leave you with all this with all the good will and best wishes I can project towards you (not out of guilt but something genuine and good that wasn’t inside me a few years ago).

    My heart is full on the subject, but, since I don’t want to timeout the server when I post this, and I don’t want to start talking in circles, I will stop talking now.

    All the best success and God bless:

  6. @Orville – thank you. I am so with you about not worrying about tomorrow. On a logical basis, yes, one day is not that different from another – hence why I am not big on the official (aka commercial) holidays. I am noticing though that some people do get energy from a collective group that they find supportive. Hence these things like Ne Year’s Resolutions. :-) Blessings to you and all for a magical 2008!