Beach Walk 561 – Sometimes It Is Hard

Rain for weeks now.

Software failures. Camera breaks at the beach. Water closed from sewer overflow caused by rain. Such is the cycle of life the past 24 hours. Nonetheless, we have an episode for you!

Beach Walk 463 – One Minute Rant
Beach Walk 329 – One Minute Rants

Hawaiian Word:
Paʻakikī: hard, difficult

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  1. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    …I met this bike (bicycle) mechanic when I bought my mountain bike years ago who was giving me some riding tips in the store one day.

    He was going on about when I got a flat tire, to enjoy the flat, enjoy repairing the flat, and enjoy the process. It struck me kinda odd at first, but what I took from it was there is really more than one (or my) perspective, and then later I’ve morphed that into not fearing something I perceive as “difficult”.

    That one experience has sorta bled over into other situations where I’m just hit with problems. If I can stop and think for just a second (a little hard for me some days), and enjoy this non-scripted moment in time, it’s really wonderful. It’s like turning the autopilot OFF.

    What is cool about today’s show is that you still produced a fun piece, it all worked, and it’s a perfect lead in for here because we are due for 4 days of rain and about 3 storms. It now seems like sort of an event – woo hoo! :-)

    Mahalo mucho…

  2. I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine and someone will bring you flowers. And that the sewers will unoverflow!

  3. and I like Jonnie’s comment a lot.
    and I like this video’s thumbnail. a lot.
    good things from a shitty day :)

  4. Yikes…I’ve been having a whole week of software failures and have been visiting the one-minute rants every day. Sometimes that’s all one can do (and it really does feel better after releasing the negative energy!!!!).

    @Jonnie…love the concept of staying in the moment and turning the autopilot OFF, and will add it to my bag of tricks for staying cool.

    And as to why the Universe just whops a ditty upside our heads, I’m reminded of my native Irish mom-in-law’s favorite saying, “These things are sent to try us.” (Have no idea what she really meant…and she couldn’t explain it, either…but it makes me laugh to “hear” her Irish brogue ‘tho she’s been gone for more than 15 years).

  5. More oddities about this episode – it really did start raining hard but you cannot see it much in the footage. I was sticking my tongue out to be fed by the fresh rain, but of course, it also looks like part of the rant! (I like it too @Rupert.) And @Jonnie of course that is the challenge – find bliss in the process. I guess I am bored with the bliss of rain and truth be told, my #2 still feels some strange obligation to deliver up sunshine to all the viewers, especially in winter.

    As for your mom’s saying @Luci, I believe in a truly benevolent universe so I don’t think we are tested just to be tested or tried. I think actually, now that I remember, these are just unavoidable side effects of living in form, in structure, dealing with matter.

    My software was working again last nite – hope yours is on the mend too!

  6. Hello everyone,
    I believe they are trials, no doubt. . . to test our resolve and character. It is easy to appreciate a life of leisure and success … the real tests come in the days of difficulty and adversity; testing our benevolent and cheery character during the times when cheerfulness and helpfulness aren’t so easily surfaced, let alone demonstrated to those around us. Besides, we live a binary existence – without difficulty from time to time, we’d have no way to gauge our success and happiness.

    Until that time. . . Earl J.

  7. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    With days like this, it will have the sunshine days seem that much brighter!

  8. It’s interesting when a spot of drizzling rain shakes our foundations :)

    Hard and difficult is certainly something you can open to interpretation… all relative stuff perhaps :)

  9. @EarlJ and @Susan: yes these days are good for that balance thing. I actually can handle the weather pretty well; it’s the durn gear that I get fussy about.

    @Matt – touché