Beach Walk 560 – Negotiating with Friends

I think it is easy to confuse the meaning of “putting business first” or “putting friends first.”

It’s more subtle than that if you want the business and the friendship to grow as a result of the working collaboration.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻaloha: friend

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  1. interesting concept Rox….in my restaurant business the Franchiser will not allow friends to co:own..historically these friendships result in discontent confusion alienation and law suites..the criteria is almost exclusively family run businesses…but I believe if a friend is soliciting your/my help they have an advantage over most everyone else and as such deserve some special consideration…..they still deserve full commitment to the request but with an additional perk……..small maybe but something that distinguishes them from a customer or an acquantence……they are friends and I believe they both deserve and expect a perk……..just as you would a family member or better yet as you would expect a friend to accommodate you…..those are my thoughts…….