Beach Walk 559 – Happy New Year 2008

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    The coldness of the water came through the camera loud and clear when taking that plunge!! Brrr, bet it felt invigorating, and not only that, you look 10 years younger…!

  2. A few years back, while going to college, I spotted a little poster on a bulletin board that stated: “90% of success is simply showing up.” Those powerful words would permeate through me anytime school got tough and helped me to never give up. Today’s episode has reminded me of that. What a perfect message to reflect upon as we begin a new year and new resolutions. Thanks Rox!

  3. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    2:45 PM. Other than working on some paperwork, shredding old docs and doing some laundry, not much else is geting done here.

    Oh, I did make a fresh pot of Kona coffee – now that’s living! 🙂

    Looks like water temps are about mid-70’s out your way, and about 20 degrees cooler here in SoCal.

    Thank you for countless, fabulous Beachwalks episodes in 2007.

    And I wish the 3 of you health, happiness and abundance for 2008!

  4. ” …you look 10 years younger!”

    Very good point Susan! I still have a very difficult time believing how Rox is the age she “claims” she is – both physically and mentally – however, spiritually, she is seems so much older. She defies all ages. 😉

    Mahalo Rox for your little project called Beachwalks – its been so life changing for me at a time I least expected. I owe you big time!

  5. Aloha Rox- I think your open heart and open mindedness is what keeps your readers/viewers/fans returning. Thanks for being so genuine in sharing your thoughts with us. Warm wishes for a very happy 2008!

  6. Nice thoughts for the New Year – but brrrrrrrrrrr

  7. I was just talking to someone today about this. Keeping an open mind makes life so much simpler than people make it.

    Everybody live 2008 to the absolute fullest and don’t worry about what other people are doing.

  8. You are right. I appreciate you guys making shows for me to watch every day.

    Also, right when you got in the water I could not help but smile really big. It made me realize that when I watch you being happy I get happy too!