Beach Walk 556 – Golden Silence in Florida

Turns out I felt a little self-conscious on the crowded beach in Florida and with the sun in my eyes, could not see the little camera screen either, so this is a no-talkie episode.

I was thinking about that saying, “Silence is golden” anyway, and will just keep it for another day. I recorded a voice over, but the energy just felt funky; I hope you enjoy the waves, a sight and sound that so far I have not tired of.

Hawaiian Word:
Hāmau: silence

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Beautiful sights, sounds, textures, and colors — it works! So thanks for sharing, Rox. What a nice surprise for your family having you there to visit, too. Those personal trainers in FL can be pretty buff, but maybe SC would like yours to share his same zipcode 🙂 Seriously, trust you’re having a wonderful time!