Beach Walk 553 – I Want a Personal Trainer!

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  1. man I can understand your dilemma….we all know we need exercise and most of us know how,but we all need motivation and time…it seems hard to fathom when we watch you walking and swimming on the beach but its obvious that status quo in most of our lives is not working and a personnel trainer will overcome every excuse to commit to exercising…….let me know when and where your working out…..I’ll bring a 6 pack and

  2. I too know your dilemma.

    Several years ago I was a national class Masters race walker. Trained a lot, felt great, did it for myself and got pretty good. Sometimes I think the racing kept me going. Nothing like a goal for motivation. BUT – I fell off the wagon. And, have made, a least four attempts to get back into it. The best effort lasted three months. But, I think being self employed and running my own publishing business a one man operation. Has actually hindered getting back into shape.

    Most people think being self employed means you only work when you want to. But, I’ve found this to not be the case. I’m always doing something for either the musician a part of the business or the publishing part. I typically “work” 12 to 14 hours a day but wouldn’t call mush of it work in the traditional complain about your job.

    Do miss being in top notch shape. Even joined a gym o see if that helps. It is very hard to keep it going.


  3. @Bob from Canada – when i used to teach community exercise classes, people would sometimes want to watch. I charged for that, but to participate was free. 🙂 With inflation, the spectator fee has actually gotten quite high!

    @Curt – Good luck with your pursuits and let’s see if we can’t use The Reef to buddy up and keep each other motivated. I suspect a lot of people might be interested in some form of this.