Beach Walk 552 – Bitterness or Bliss?

If ignorance is bliss, then what does that make intelligence???

It’s a challenge when you’re smart – you see nonsense all around you! But staying too attached to that can just create bitterness, and that makes the high IQ a little less useful in my book.

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  1. Thanks, Rox!

    As the former colleague – I got a bit teary watching this.

    You really nailed it – smart and bitter. “If I’m/we’re so smart, how come????” Our biz problems, while personally and professionally painful at the time, turned out to be a great lesson and opportunity. Forced me to really take a look at what what kind of business I wanted and – most importantly – what kind of person I wanted to be. Of course, I’m still snarky on occasion, but I do my best to focus on the good things – what works, versus what doesn’t.

    All comes down to: Would you rather be right or happy? Certainly there are times you have to stand up for what’s right – but I must remember to stop and think: Am I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do? – or because of my big, bad, smarty ego?

    Great to connect back with you and Shane!

    Happy Holidays

  2. Smart becomes bitter when you assume that other people are as smart as you are and you become upset with them for doing obviously stupid things.

    The way around that is to assume they’re NOT as smart as you are, which explains why they just CAN’T do the right thing. 😀

  3. Just when I thought I get tired of giving myself over and over and over… (I think its a single thing over a lifetime). You made my day. Merry Christmas.

  4. Perhaps so much of this sort of attitude stems from the digital foundation of our universe – dark/light; cold/hot; atmosphere/vacuum; day/night – that we enter all our relationships/adventures/experiences with this digital approach. We’re going to lead or follow; we’re going to win or lose; and we’re going to succeed or fail. So, maybe there is an alternative to this digital approach that brings everyone involved into alignment with a single purpose in mind – and that single purpose becomes the focal point rather than the individual focus each participant holds, or imagines, as the goal of the project. . . just a thought.

    Great topic. . . I’m going to have to give it more thought. . .

    Until that time. . . Earl J.


  1. […] W00t! The sun is out! Praise be to the weather. Let’s face it: kind words and genuine praise just feel good. It is all too common when talented people take on a type of snobbery, as if they have earned some form of superiority. I much prefer to give my business to people who are competent and friendly, like the people I have recently discovered at J Salon. It is a good reminder to me as I myself can sometimes fall into the snob mode too. I talked about in Bitterness or Bliss. […]