Beach Walk 550 – Drops Among Us

By popular request! More ocean footage, a few quiet minutes to start our weeks.

This is from Sandy Beach. I found the ee cummings quote at Serenity Beach and you can read more about Kabir too.

Hawaiian Word:
Kulu wai: drop of water

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  1. What a perfect start to the week! Thanks, Rox!

  2. after digging out from 10 inches of snow yesturday this video puts you back into a euphoric state……but CAUTION playing this video at work may result in a slumbering trance till lunch… and will help any insomniac ……good work guys

  3. Thank you both! And to think I have been a little cranky from all the rain we have been having…

    @Sheila – I want to be in touch; perhaps over the holiday break??

  4. Sounds great, Rox. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Mahalo!

  5. what about me Rox?………i’m only 12 hours away….lol

  6. It was a very cold 7 degrees when I came to work this morning and we had another 3 inches of snow this weekend. Thanks for this and I’ll add it to my list of things that I am jelous about you living in Hawaii and us in Nebraska.

    Very Merry Christmas to Rox and the Secret Camera man from the Cornhusker state.

  7. thanks rox & shane for that!

    i miss the ocean, the sun, everything that you can’t get here in the desert!