Beach Walk 549 – Do not let us burden the future

I’ve been fantasizing about all the things I want to change in 2008 – aka “the future.” But in reality, the future is just some abstract concept.

What I really want to do is bring the energy of those aspirations and intentions into the here and now. I love the potential that the “future” seems to hold. I want now though, not later. It’s not an easy task, but one I am willing to take on.

Hawaiian Word:
kēia mua aku: future

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  1. absolutely a good plan Rox…….we all need our space and sanity and I have often wondered how you fit those into your schedule… need ho’oluana…..I suppose I’ll get used to watching Shane walk Lex but I’m not sure of that vision at this point…..all kidding aside its great news and don’t stretch yourself too far

  2. Beautiful! I love this blog and your beach walks concept!

  3. @bob from canada – LOL remember though, if it is Shane on camera, then I will still be there attempting to walk backwards and film in all the glare… that could be the uglier part of the picture!

    @mindy – welcome, and please come on over to The Reef!

  4. Go for it, Roxanne!

    So often we put things in the future so we don’t have to work on manifesting them now, which takes work…and we’re all sooooo very busy in the now, aren’t we?

    And remember, if Ginger could do it with Fred, you can too!!!!