Beach Walk 546 – Lost at Sea

We actually filmed another episode on this beautiful (if slightly melancholy) day at Makapuu Point, but alas, we accidentally taped over it!

We did retrieve this footage of the sea though, and I can only wonder, what is hidden in these waves?

Hawaiian Word:
Nalu: wave

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  1. Oh ya…..thats what i’m talkin about…….all mainlanders listen up…….go get a coffee sit back turn up the volumn and listen to the pounding surf…….Sooooooo relaxing……thanks Rox and Shane…now extend it to an hour and a half,put in on Bluray disk and it may become the top selling DVD of all time….thanks

  2. I second Bob’s request!!!!

    20 years ago (yikes!) I was given a stress reduction cassette as I was dealing w/my sweet husband’s untimely and unexpected death. It was nothing more than the sound of the ocean, and it really worked to put me in a much more positive/relaxed mood.

    Wonder if it’s because we human “beans” are composed of so much water?