Beach Walk 542 – Empty Mind

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  1. JFSD (Jonnie says

    I woke up at 3:AM because I couldn’t breathe (due to a simple cold), and then my mind started racing with all the pending tasks at home that are pending.

    It used to be work was the stressor, but I think home stuff, specifically supervising the care of an elder parent has made my world outside of work the new stressor.

    I just wrote down the pending tasks for today, just today, on a single sticky and whoosh, the mind racing has stopped.

    This is a perfect vid and the peaceful vibe is very welcomed.

    Mahalo mucho!

  2. Aaaahhh….gratitude from my perch at 7000 feet in the high desert; the opportunity to “be” with the ocean and the misty sky was a gift of nourishment for me today, so I am grateful for the emptiness in your mind today, Rox, and Shane’s lovely witnessing of the power and beauty of the ocean. Hugs…

  3. as you ponder away your hukakuka day think or us northeners and our cold snowy yukayuka days….we need a DVD of watching and listening to that surf…….thanks girl

  4. We have actually been talking about grabbing some sound and scene and posting it – just the rich full emptiness of the sea out here in the piko of the universe.

    Takeaway for me: we each get to just show up without having to perform. For me, that is a profound concept! Thanks to each of you for reflecting it back to me.

  5. Oh how I long to be lying at the rim of the ocean while its waves roll over me and empty my mind!

    I’ve added this one to my other meditative favs (440-467-533) that I glom onto whenever I need to re-charge and re-fresh myself.

    Super vid today…mucho mahalo!