Beach Walk 541 – Myth of Passion

I can’t remember what triggered this episode, but I do get tired of the same “find your passion” message.

It’s often issued by people who (a) have a lot of passion and think that everyone else should too or (b) people looking for their own passion, hoping it holds out some form of happiness.

If we are to really let it be true that people exist along infinite points on any topic or spectrum, then surely there are many who are most at home at every point between passion and lethargy. My sweet spots varies by day, by task, by all kinds of things – many of which are unpredictable. To find happiness that doesn’t require passion or the pressure to be passionate, that is my goal.

Hawaiian Word:
Kauna: passion

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  1. sometimes my passion IS lethargy.


    ps: did you hear that david lynch will be doing a talk on tuesday at uh on that whole transcendental meditation thing with some famous quantum theorist?! curious to know your thoughts about that whole deal!


  2. Doesn’t passion mean to love intensly?
    So can’t I be passionate about relaxing and kicking back? :)

  3. OK – a topic like this is too complex for one short episode! I love passion, I think it is great, I think it applies in myriad ways. I just don’t think it is a priori “better” than being just average at something or uninterested.

    Of course there are situations (like people I work with) when I much more want them to be passionate. But I get to choose who I work with, so it is ok.

    @chomer – so yes, this is a great stretch of the energy to be passionate about being neutral. I love that notion.

    @christa – i did not know…i am interested. I practiced TM a lot previously, a little now and then. I love their research contributions about the measured impact of group meditators lowering crime – very cool stuff. I will be in touch with you for details, unless you want to come back and post them!

  4. Steve Stewart says

    I’ve been away a while. Glad to see that Beachwalks is still going strong at over half a thousand episodes and counting.Aloha Rox and my best to Lexi and the cameraman.