Beach Walk 538 – Boycott Need

I am feeling sensitive to the word “need” these days.

It just get used with such “wild abandon!” But it rarely is true, literally, and it carries such pressure, such life and death importance to items that are pleasures and preferences, not life and death matters. I hope you’ll join me in boycotting it except when truly necessary.

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Hawaiian Word:
Pono: need

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  1. Rox, just wanted to say kudos for making a very insightful while calming podcast that I listen to everyday during my lunch break. I’m a high school teacher so I really look forward to hearing your voice while the ocean waves gently crash on the beach. I’m not nearly as well spoken on my podcast! Keep up the good work.

  2. Great thoughts, as usual, Roxy! I stopped using “need” years ago, except in true life-death contexts…and there really aren’t many of those!

    What I see frequently now are ads where “need” is implied. This is especially evident at this time of year as we plunge headlong into the silly season. Case in point: the daily newspaper that landed on my driveway Thanksgiving day was actually a 2-parter…the newspaper in one plastic bag (recyclable, TG!), and the second plastic bag (drum roll, please) contained an 8-inch stack of holiday sales ads…I kid you not!!!

    PS: Whenever someone tells me I “need” to do/buy/call/work on something, my automatic internal response is, “Will anyone bleed to death if I don’t do it? If not, it can wait or not be done at all.” Try it…it really works to put things in perspective.

    Malama pono ^_^

  3. Rox –

    You’ve touched on something very close to my heart – our internal semantics. It’s amazing how much certain words we use in self talk can raise or lower our spirits. “Wants” versus “needs” is a great example.

    Thanks for the plug!