Beach Walk 537 – VIP Meme: Mind & Body Equal

I am just about over my cold – in time for “back to work” Monday.

Thinking about being sick in the body, then watching the movie Idiocracy, I realized we still deal with and address bodily ailments easier than we do mental ones. So one way I’m envisioning the future I want – as I was tagged by the VIP Meme Project – is to have better treatment for mental problems. Let’s face it; having a cold is nothing compared to many mental and emotional problems.

And if you find the holidays a little taxing on your mind or your body, check out the resources from the Buy Nothing Day project.

Hawaiian Word:
Ola: health

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  1. Sorry to hear that your were sick and your feeling better! Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Miss all of you ! =ipo=

  2. Rox,

    Thanks for your compassionate contribution to the VIP Meme Project. You make an important suggestion, that we have more sympathy/empathy/compassion for those PEOPLE who struggle with mental health issues and, I hear you saying, that we look for opportunities to HELP them find solutions. (I think I need to take more walks!!!!)

    I hope we can take your suggestion to heart especially considering all those who will be newly suffering from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as a result of exposure to the various wars and acts of violence all over the place.

    Would that there was a Post-Ecstatic Joy Disorder where events similar to happy times in the past fill you with overwhelming peace an bliss. Hmmm.

    A good resource for PTSD survivors, BTW, is my father’s web site:

    Thanks again!

    Heather Flanagan
    Visualize Possibilities

  3. @Ipo – much mo bettah now thank you. 🙂

    @Heather – that joy thing? I actually do experience that in my life. I have moments (they can last for hours actually) where I feel complete and utter bliss, for NO REAL REASON. I may have known this as a very young child, but do not recall much of it at all for the next many decades. Thanks for the resource; my heart goes out to the war vets and I hope indeed that our collective beach walks energy can be supporting them energetically.