Beach Walk 536 – Got a Cold; So What?

I caught a cold this week; some would say because I work too hard, but then again, a little friend of mine had a cold and I was busy wiping her runny nose a lot!

I am not a believer in absolute rights – that somehow if I lived “right” I wouldn’t have caught the cold. Even if it was from all my hard work and long hours, so what? I choose to push myself very hard; if that means I crash a little every now and then, it’s OK by me. It’s about getting off my case, thinking I should somehow be different, that life would be better without speed bumps. Sounds really silly as I write it, but I know, it’s easy to get caught up in things in the moment!

If you are new here to Beach Walks, I talk about the #2 personality in Episode 102

Hawaiian Word:
Pololei: right, correct
Hewa: wrong

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  1. Rox i agree with your friend and your suggestion that over extending yourself contibutes to various illnesses………viruses lead to colds and flu……now stress on the other hand may cause differend health issues but thats for another show…..I must admit,walking in the surf with a cold appears to be a much better antidote that shovelling snow…..can’t wait to get there in Fwbruary…..luv the show,thanks

  2. Hey Roxy; thanks for today’s reflections. I’d like to add that you/I/we have to believe that having a cold is a “bad” thing to head down this path at all. And likewise that divorce, losing a job, etc. are also “bad” things and we are therefore obliged to see what we have done “wrong” that these “bad” things have happened. I like the first lesson from the Course In Miracles: “I do not know what this or anything means” as a nice touchstone, and antidote to my own #2’s habitual critique of “what is” in me and my life.


  3. What I didn’t mention in the show was that even if the hard work/stress “caused” the cold, what would I have given up to not get it? Which emails would have gone unanswered? (That pile is already huge!) Which Beach Walk would I have skipped? Which client project would I have shelved? I want them all, and the modus operandi of pushing myself really hard, then having some down time, seems to really suit me. At least when I am consciously choosing that and not feeling like I “have to.”

    @Bob – be sure and call, because really, I am so behind on answering emails that it is sad for me. # is on the Contact Us page.

    @Shaina – great point – and really great to mention out loud. And you cannot imagine how useful the CiM quote is for me today. I’ve really been struggling with some very confusing beachwalks numbers – and this takes me right out of that frying pan!

  4. Unrelated to the direct topic of this episode,

    Right at 3:39 someone starts screaming. It is a screeching scary horrible scream, but no one on the beach notices at all.

    Was this added in afterwards?

    It made me watch again and think to myself, was that Rox screaming because Secret Cameraman was right about the population on the beach? Or maybe t was Secret Cameraman screaming in horror because he is scared of getting sick…

    Or maybe it was real, I don’t know.

    Well, I hope Rox gets better fast and Shane stays well.

  5. steve gandy says

    Dear Rox,
    greetings from Texas, Am I the only one that is really getting tired of the commercialism of the holidays? Dont get me wrong I love the holidays but it is just now THANKSGIVING and I am already tired of all the Christmas extravaganza sales. I think every year we miss a little more about the true meaning of the holidays and we are all just running around crazy trying to buy stuff. As my six year old grandson said on October 30th- Steve i thought we were here to but Spooky stuff but there is a Christmas tree up, now if a 6 year old is tuned into it I think we have a problem. Happy Holidays Roxanne,SC and Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Lan – you are so perceptive! That was a little kid screaming as the water rushed into the moat he was building around his sand castle before its time…we hear these screams on the beach frequently! They sound disturbing to me too. I started to edit it out, but didn’t. I guess it’s something to be prepared for in paradise. 🙂