Beach Walk 532 – How to Find Good Hawaiian Music

It’s Aloha Friday and we have some music and talks story at the beach with Mighty J and Kanoa of Gomega.

They are artists who are born and raised Hawaii but creating some new sounds and lyrics here in the islands. It hasn’t been that easy, despite their amazing talent. Listen in and then weigh in with your comments and suggestions please!

Mighty J Music
Kanoa of Gomega

Hawaiian Word:
Mele: music

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  1. Bradly McComb says

    Perfect way to start out a Friday. Great music, beautiful setting and warm people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Rox,
    Love the music and harmony! Also like the new camera effects, two cameras, cool

    Love ya,


  3. I got to admit, this caught me off guard. When it was mentioned that it was new Hawaiian music my view was I’d probably not like it as much as the traditional music.
    But it touched something deep inside of me… not the words, tho they were great. But the beauty and sensitivity of its expression. The beautiful harmony with the backdrop of the ocean to just frame it out so nicely.
    I was suprised… I actually started to cry! Not because I was sad, but because it was so beautiful.

    Thanks for the moment!
    All the Best: Orv

  4. Mahalo you guys! We love them so much and their music – and really think they have a wonderful new way to spread the mele – the music of Hawaii.

    @orville – i was crying that day too.
    @bradly – mahalo for stopping by
    @judy – nice that you noticed the two cameras!

    love, rox

  5. What a beautiful song! (what’s not to like?) Are we all a bunch of crybabies or what- 🙂 Is the music for sale anywhere yet?
    I teared up too, because you all just seemed to be in a “perfect moment”.
    I just found beachwalks in July 2007, talk about serendipity (sp?) and really love coming to visit.

  6. thank you Rox, Orv,Brad,Judy,of course Shane, and everyone else who watched and enjoyed!

    You can actually visit and purchase our music off our site because its digital as well. Or, you can go to to purcahse the actual cd. I hope you all enjoy your aloha fridays!!!


  7. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to this extrodinary music both on Beachwalks with Rox as well as the Mighty J website.My wife and I will be spending the month of February in a condo in Waikiki and one of the first items on my agenda is to purchase both Might J’s and Kanoa’s CD’s.Keep persevering guys as good things will happen.I do have a question and that is are there any venues or events where either artist will be performing during the month of February 2008?……mahalo

  8. Hey Rox, Shane, and Lex

    Mahalo for the love and support for Kanoa and the girls from Mighty J. Love it as always and we will be posting it up on our myspace and maybe on the web page if I can figure it out. Love you guyz! Thanks Doctor Trey for hooking us up.

    TO: Bob from Canada We will try to work on doing a show in Feb 2008 with both Kanoa of Gomega and Mighty J. You can visit MIGHTYJMUSIC.COM or MYSPACE.COM/KANOAOFGOMEGA for updates and shows =Ipo=

  9. aloha everybody….and happy aloha friday….thank you rox and shane for the opportunity to have an outlet to share my aloha with everyone that visits beachwalks and worldwide…. i’m truly blessed to have made such wonderful friends in this crazy business…. it’s always good to know that their is a place for us musicians to have a voice to speak our mind and to show that entertainers have feelings too….and lets not forget about the lovely girls from mighty j, mahalo for having me joining you on this aloha friday adventure on beachwalks…. =kanoa of gomega

  10. Hey Shane
    How can I post this on our WordPress? =Ipo=

  11. MAHALO Rox, Shane and Lexi for letting us come on your show again!! The audio recording of the song came out pretty PIMP! lol.

    @rox – thanks for being such a positive, beautiful person and for sharing our paradise with the world
    @shane – thanks for rocking 2 cams and for PIMPING our islands to the worldwide peeps homie!
    @lexi – arf, arf, arf… woof, woof.
    @judy – yup. shane rocked out the double camera deal
    @orville – i’m glad you were touched. rox really DID cry.
    @susan – thanks for asking about the music! 🙂
    @bob from canada – thanks for visiting the website and for your quest to support local music. no gigs set up just yet, but keep looking on to check on this and email us ([email protected]) so we can contact you in person.
    @ipo – yeah ips, let’s set up a show together so we can goMEGA and go MIGHTY! XOXO
    @kanoa – love you bro! thanks for supporting us always and we LOVE that we know such a talented musician like YOU! ROCK ON!
    @ EVERYONE ELSE — thank you for taking such a interest in our islands and our culture. hope we get to meet you some day. 🙂


    peace out,

  12. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    Acoustic music seems brutally honest; if the artist(s) is feeling it, the ‘it’ comes through the performance – this performance is wonderful.

    The lyrics and marriage of the music of Do You are unexpected; mainly because the story of past love where feelings still run deep might end up in a pain-and-agony style R&B song, yet Do You comes back into the light and really doesn’t end.

    I caught myself thinking about people I had loved in the past, and am grateful for those few experiences as it makes the love I have and share today more precious.

    Beautiful sounds, from beautiful people in paradise – wow, that should make anyone’s eyes full.

    Oceans of Aloha from across the sea…

  13. Hey Rox & Hawaii Musicians!

    Sweet Voice, really cool hooky chorus, nice:)

    Sally Spencer gave me the link to your vids, fun seeing the island:)

    Love & Mana Filled Suprises

  14. Aloha, I live in Seattle but my heart is in Hawaii. I have a passion for Hawaiian Music and do my best to help promote it long distance.
    Great video, awesome harmony looking forward to hearing more about you in the near future.
    Best of luck and keep up the good work!
    Hawaiian Music Rules!
    a hui hou

  15. I’ve got to say I really liked that song. I think they should really promote that one to get people into listening to their other non-traditional music.

    Good job Mighty J!

    Best of luck to them.

  16. Might J is awesome … thanks for representing … Rox you’re a gem .. one of a kind … thank you.

  17. I wanted to also stop by and send my warmest aloha to ROX, LEX and SHANE for supporting us – Mighty J, Kanoa and Gomega. I am so grateful to have met such wonderful and genuine people who are the EPITOMY of what true ALOHA is all about.

    Although we face some challenges here at home with spreading and acceptance of our music, we know that where our music has come from will shine through with every performance.

    Mahalo and a hui hou to all of the Beachwalks Ohan a and the visitors from abroad that use this international bridge “the internet” to feel and experience our home … HAWAII.

    with love …



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