Beach Walk 529 – Outdoor Circle Tree Blessing

The Outdoor Circle is a nonprofit organization here in Hawaii that strives to keep things “Clean, Green, and Beautiful.”

They have several chapters throughout the state, and my local chapter, Lani-Kailua, held an oli or blessing ceremony at the planting of some new trees along a major meridian. Today’s episode is a chance to experience our local culture at its best! Haunani Kauka and ʻIlima Stern, of Aloha Blessings, performed the ceremony beautifully.

Mahalo to the city/county/state officials (including Mayor Mufi Hanneman, Councilwoman Barbara Marshall, Lester Change of Parks & Rec, and Stan Oka, Urban Forestry) and the Outdoor Circle for working together on this project.

The Outdoor Circle
Aloha Blessings
Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle

Hawaiian Word:
Oli: blessing

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  1. Sally Spencer says

    Love this Rox!

    Great! Footage around this blessing of trees is wonderful.



  2. Lucky for us! this video was featured on YouTube Travel Channel and has received over 80,000 views.