Beach Walk 528 – Vedic Astrology with Sally

We were walking down to the beach (water is still officially closed) and we “ran into” Sally Spencer, a woman I see often on the beach and with whom I’ve chatted on “MySpace”: now and then. I have really liked her energy.

She’s a practitioner of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, based on Hindu beliefs and related but different from western style astrology. She tells us about in today’s episode. It has a sacred basis and supports much more activities to influence your planets that is common in western astrology.

What’s cool IMO, as a sidebar, is all of the interesting people we meet living aloha here in Hawai’i. It’s so diverse and rich (maybe other places are too) yet because of the openness and sunshine we actually get to meet them walking the beach!

Sally’s Web Site
Sally’s MySpace Page
Beach Walks on MySpace

Hawaiian Word:
Hōkū hele: planet

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  1. Thanks Roxanne. Your show is a hoot~



    P.S. The sanskrit word for planet is graha which means ‘to grab’ as the planets grab and hold our energies that apply to it..and then return those energies in the form of karmas when the planets transit our chart through time. This is how we know what is coming due to past actions and why present actions help.

  2. Good stuff.Sally is the best I know of in your area. I felt the warm breeze for the ocean air in every word Mahalo and Namaste to Sally

  3. Nena Spencer says

    Sally has devoted her life to this study and I am very proud of her. Nena Spencer, Mother

  4. @nena – love it when moms leave blog comments!

    @andy – thank you for stopping by; i saw your site- you and your work look like so much fun!!

    @Sally – I don’t completely ascribe to the concept of karma, however i do believe that everything (including planets) have energies and that we have the ability to co-mingle our energies in conscious ways. I found your explanation of using actions to help create outcomes in our and others worlds to be very inspiring. I hope you join us again.

  5. Sally Spencer says

    Hi Rox,

    I know what you mean about karma. It has many connotations. Karma means action.

    They say the planets hold the energies as they leave our field of action they go out into the universe. That is why they say you reap what you sow;)



    I love the vedic astrology for it’s ability to make a difference in your chart rather than just expect results. I also like the ability to avert danger before it occurs. The science of prediction is extensive. It actually was the original astrology, then Chinese, then Western. Or should I say they branched off each other. Madame Blavatsky I believe is the one to bring it to the west. Some is lost in translation and much is lost through time. The Hindu takes into account the precession of the equinoxes which means a few degrees change every fifty years or so. It is the calculations used in any ephemeris, where the planets actually are. The west then changes it to fit the seasons. Eventually Scorpio will actually be Libra. It (the astronomical change) is now 23 degrees and a full sign is 30.

    It’s nice to feel that attention to feeding birds can actually help your fear level, when say the planet Rahu, the north node of the Moon, known for fear and chaos is afflicting your chart. And say it afflicts Venus. Well then caring for women is a nice way to begin to make sure women in your world get the care they deserve.


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