Beach Walk 526 – Misguided Urges

Some urges are so irresistible…but that doesn’t mean they are going to produce the effective results!

Two examples come to mind today. One is the controversy over at Gawker Media (which I also blogged about on our Bare Feet Studios web site) requiring employees to set up profiles at Facebook. The other is our situation here in Kailua where a group of homeowners on L’Orange Place have gated the beach access. There are a lot of strong opinions on the matter, most of them strongly in favor of finding a way to preserve beach access. You can find the back story in this in Beach Walk #494.

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Koi: urge

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  1. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    This episode kept nagging me and I wanted to post, even if it’s a little late…

    I acted on an urge/impulse years ago when I suggested our group at work take a Myers-Briggs assessment and it met with all sorts of resistance. Some of the group thought it was too personal and others didn’t see the value and thought it was a waste of time. We did it anyway, but some of the dynamic with me and the group changed afterward.

    Another time I acted on one of my ideas with a coworker who I suggested a computer class in an email – I thought I was writing it like I would to a friend (which I considered her), however it blew up in my face and she was offended as if I was criticizing her abilities.

    In my current position I am surrounded big egos, and I honestly don’t think some of the worst ones have the brain power to back it up. I have tried to suggest things and they were dismissed. And then when they need my help (or don’t want to do the task themselves) they try and goat me saying “You should take ownership.” It’s funny how I make consistent and good decisions with both my own desk at work and my tasks at home, but I can be dismissed by someone else trying to stand out. Well, something (for me) to think about anyway…

    re: the beach access – I don’t get either side. I thought people know beach access is open in Hawaii – and then to put up a gate is simply nonsense. And two, if you are going to party in a public space near where people live, be quiet and pick up your trash when you leave – geesch, it’s not rocket science… Maybe that was too harsh – I was told earlier this year I had joined the Cranky Old Men’s Club – so guess I need to work on that too… 😉

  2. It may be a very ‘law of attraction’ sort of believe, but I think sometimes actions can often direct focus and energy on the very things we’re trying to discourage/correct … and therefore have a counter productive effect.

  3. Late comments? Nah – always welcome!

    @jonnie – i can relate – and your examples really highlighted to flip side of misguided urges. Even if we think it really will help, if there’s no “buy in” then I am starting off at a disadvantage.

    @david – there is truth in my experience that what you focus on expands…so as a side note I try not to focus on my thighs too much!


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