Beach Walk 524 – Flooding in Hawaii

Rain, rain, for a couple of days now, and it is still going strong as I type this. (As is the thunder and lightning. Winter, in one fell swoop!)

I love the sound of rain, we can use the water yet the sewer line overflowed so the beach is closed for swimming. We’ve got pics of how they move the sand around to try to prevent more flooding, and also how the beach is disappearing. Is it global warming? The water is definitely higher at Kailua Beach Park; I measure it by the boat ramp which presumably is not sinking.

Hawaiian Word:
Ua: rain

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  1. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    Even flooding is beautiful in Hawaii – what a place!

    They close our beaches too when/if we get a heavy rain becasue of sewer issues also.

    Thanks for a great start to my week!