Beach Walk 522 – Got Smart?

First! Mahalo to Earl who sent us a poor man’s steadicam for Secret Cameraman to use.

It is wonderful! Thank you so much Earl for your lovely gift. It is a very clever alternative to the much more expensive and complicated expensive varieties.

Second, we were at a Geek Meetup last night, with a room full of very smart people, discussing the relative importance of smarts in itself, and whether the internet is more useful to smart people or those who are less smart. Watch this episode and then let me know what you think about intelligence?

Hawaiian Word:
Akamai: smart

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  1. Hello Rox, SCM. . .
    nice to see you’re putting the steadicam to immediate use. It also lowers the center of gravity, so the camera steadies itself – much like a tightrope walker with a long pole that lowers the center of gravity under the rope on which s/he walks. So cool. . . the designer is Johnny Chung Lee in the Pittsburgh area. What a guy.
    * * * * *
    Speaking of the smarter people in a group – the Army, has even designed a concept called situational leadership. Each situation brings its own set of circumstances and situational factors that some members of a force might understand better than others; those members may not be the organizational leaders of the group, but perhaps a lower ranking member of the unit. In such cases, it is perfectly acceptable for the leader to defer to the experience and judgment of the person with the most understanding and experience in such a predicament. Once again, the Army leads the way in leadership concepts and techniques – Go Army!

    Until that time. . . Earl J.
    Your Portagee friend in North Carolina. . .
    Aloha y’all. . .

  2. @EarlJ – thanks again. 🙂 And situational leadership? a great example of applied smarts when absolute smarts really don’t matter.

  3. Lots of hanging out with Geeks lately! I build a poor man’s steady cam once and it was helpful, but yours looks even better. Got to take a closer look. Thank secret cameraman for allowing himself to be filmed.

  4. @Cheryl. . .
    Johnny now sells the kits again wiht cushioned handles, complete end caps, and weight included.
    Check it out:

    Until that time. . . Earl J.