Beach Walk 519R – Tattoo Story

Tattooing is popular in Hawaiian culture.

Today we meet some young gentle men who are in various stages of acquiring their tattoos, and they shared their personal stories with us.

Tattoo Artist: Mike Ledger
Watch my friend Cheryl Colan getting her “moko” in New Zealand.

Hawaiian Word:
Kākau: tattoo

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  1. Awesome tats! Loved the ink and it was cool to hear the stories too. Thanks for sharing guys. Aloha

  2. Wow, what a great episode! I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful artwork these friends shared with you. To me it is moving that they all chose to have the sun setting in the west on their right shoulder – each one unique but unifying. I hope I get the chance to work with Rangi Kipa, my “moko” artist, once more – I don’t feel complete yet. Thank you for the link love, Rox, and as the Maori say, “Aroha.”

  3. i have to do a senior exit project in order to graduate from highschool. i chose to do mine on tattos as a personal story and so this video ties in amzingly with my subject. i may show this video during my presentation. thanks so much for posting this topic!

  4. @casey – this is very cool! so glad this is useful to you. i just loved hearing their stories,a nd the fact they are doing this as a group of friends.