Beach Walk 516R – This is Where It’s At

Happy -Monday- Tuesday!

I am traveling this week so please enjoy some of our favorite episodes in the Hawaiiana category. My apologies as well as I had a big problem uploading these files. We are starting off the week with a shoot from the recording studios of Doctor Trey with our favorite local girl band, MightyJ. Please check out their site so you can buy their wonderful music and find out where they are playing live, here in the islands.

You can see Lexi got lucky too.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele: music

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  1. JFSD (Jonnie) says

    I am impressed how focused and professional all the girls are when the mic is switched on; and I don’t think I had anywhere near their focus at that age…

    I don’t laugh enough, so when I get going, it’s hard to get back to business.

    Dr. Trey has been off-line for a couple of Sunday’s, so it was nice to hear and see him too.

    Again, thank you for sharing, great show!

  2. Hey Jonnie! (there is a shop in Albuquerque with that name BTW) – Mahalo. I too continue to be impressed with them – and of course we love being able to go behind the scenes and see this magic in process.

  3. Absolutely awesome!

    Gives me chicken skin to see how all their talent combined with all the technology turns out amazing works of art.

  4. I love watching the girls in the studio. I signed up for their podcast too so it was fun to watch it here too Rox. Aloha! 🙂