Beach Walk 513 – My Mother, The Artist

Today starts at the beach (a gorgeous day!) then cuts to a video chat with my mom, Blanche Benton, who is 83 (though she forgets occasionally!).

She has become a great technology user and little did we know, she has a collection of paintings and drawings done over the years, never before seen. She is planning an art show next week, and I wanted her to tell you what a positive effect this has had on her, in her own words.

Hawaiian Word:
Kaha kiʻi: artist

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  1. We have a family friend that my Mom met back in the 1950’s and is about the same age as your Mom. She is big on textiles; quilting, fabric dyeing, etc. She drives herself to classes and also does email. Interestingly she is also from Michigan – she refers to it as the U.P.

    So here are a couple of role models that I hope to copy as far as staying creative and engaged and happy; which would apply to any age, not just ’80 plus’.

    Oceans of Aloha!

  2. @jonnie – i love these stories too. My mom’s parents both dies in their early 70’s, and they were O-L-D in mind, body and spirit. My parents are completely the opposite, and for those who want to hang around here, being active really seems to help! Mahalo nui for your comments.

  3. From one would-be artist to one that is, Rock on Blanche!

  4. Your mom is a JEWEL! Thanks to you both for showing us how creative passions are the fountain of youth!

  5. the art piece we got to see is truly wonderful! I hope the show goes well, how exciting.

  6. Where in michigan Does she live?!

  7. Update: the show was a HUGE hit. Will get some clips up soon I hope and show you some more of her work. She sold a number of pieces and her friends were as thrilled as her children to see this talent come out of the closet.

    @Joshleo – she lives in the burbs of Detroit.


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