Beach Walk 511 – Kanoa Breakin Thru

Maui musician Kanoa joins us for a sunset beach walks edition to announce his new CD.

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  1. Just listening to you two talk this morning is so relaxing. It’s 180 degrees out from my world and just seems like a little bit of heaven.

    I wonder if Kanoa’s new CD will be on iTunes?

    But actually, I tend to like buying the physical CD more, that way I can control the bit rate when I put the songs on my iPod.

    Mahalo mucho from San Diego!


  2. Great interview!

    But the video cuts off after 4:59. It stops in mid-sentence. Glitch maybe. Could you look into this?

    Thanks, Rox.

  3. I enjoy your vidcasts always. Mahalo for supporting local music , Rox, you don’t know how much you mean to us. I love beachwalks with Rox!!!

  4. Rox, Shane, Lexi… LOVE YOU GUYS! Kanoa is Maui’s secret weapon in the music industry. For anyone that hasn’t seen Kanoa or Gomega in action, you’re missing out and NOW you have a new mission….

    MighTy J needs to hit the beach and do some walking with you folks again soon… 🙂

    peace out you beautiful people,

  5. Thanks Rox for introducing us to more fabulous musicians, I look forward to buying Kanoa’s cd.